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Alpha LS

The Alpha LS


This model has been discontinued. The following is the last info made available on this model before it was discontinued.

The Alpha LS is the first true line source kit offered by GR Research.

This kit was designed in cooperation with Creative Sound Solutions of Abbotsford, BC, Canada to bring to the market the first true line source kit.

This speaker uses eight of the new BG Neo 8’s per side and nine 6” CSS woofers per side. Height is about 6’ 3” depending on the thickness of the base. They weigh between 200 lbs to 250lbs each.

This speaker sets a new standard in performance for any speaker offered as a kit. All of our kits are routinely compared in performance to commercial models many times the price, but the performance of the Alpha LS can be compared to any speaker at any price.

Few commercial models can even be compared to these as there are very few commercial models that are a true line source.

The line source design, while not new, is beginning to make a surge in popularity based on the performance of a few commercial models and the interest in the DIY community to attempt such designs. DIY’ers search no further.

These have been described as heavenly, and utterly seductive, drawing one straight into the music. Imaging is natural, but not like other speakers. It is more natural like as in life like. Bass is super-clean and well-extended. In room response -3db levels reach down into the mid 20's.

These speakers are very addictive and listening to them for an extended period will make other speakers seam very mundane and uneventful.

The Alpha LS will also easily play to realistic levels and then some, with any type of music, even a high SPL level rock concert can be played effortlessly without any hint of strain or distortion.

Any normal speaker playing to high SPL levels will have its woofers surging in and out wildly to reproduce the lower bass note signals that it receives. The voice coil is forced in and out of the gap making accurate reproduction of higher frequency and mid-range areas nearly impossible. The cone can also deform and flex under the pressure exerted upon it from its motor structure and the resistance of the air pressure on the cone. This creates even higher distortion levels not just in the lower frequencies but in the entire range that the woofer is trying to cover. The Alpha LS, by design, is free of any of these problems. With nine woofers sharing the load even under high SPL levels the woofers are not working hard at all. Voice coils are always kept well centered in the gap and easily reproducing everything in their band pass with ease.

Likewise, the planar ribbons share the load and effortlessly play in a way that is natural, unstrained and extremely detailed. These planar ribbons also bring a detail level down into the mid-range like no woofer, even a small woofer, is capable of.

The tweeters have no real sound of their own. They simply sound real. The low crossover point of 1,200Hz allows the incredible speed and detail of the ultra fast, planar tweeters to reach down into the midrange and give the Alpha LS a realistic sound that is beyond the abilities of even the smallest and fastest midrange drivers.

Imaging, here in our listening room, at GR Research is superb. They not only have great image width, but height as well, plus layering and depth of imaging that is as good as it gets.

These speakers are more at home in larger sized rooms, but still do surprisingly well in medium sized rooms.

Even in a smaller listening room at Dodd Audio, where listening was made in what must be considered a very near field range (10 feet away), they still managed to disappear into the room.

Sensitivity level of these speakers is high, but the 1 watt/1 meter level can be misleading. They are 93db with 1 watt/1 meter, but a line source does not lose sensitivity with doubling of distance like a typical point source. With a 1 watt input at 2 meters they are equal to a point source that is 96db at 1 meter. At 4 meters with a 1 watt input they are equal to a point source that is 99db at 1 meter/1 watt

These speakers are easy to drive and can be driven with low powered SET amps, but an amp with a high dampening factor and good driver control is recommended.

Lastly, what will it cost for these beauties? All drivers, high quality crossover parts, cabinet plans, etc. only $1,995. For the pair.

Alpha LS kits can be ordered by contacting Creative Sound Solutions

This also now includes the eight 3" flared ports, wire, and Sonicap capacitors.

High quality binding post are available, but these are not included in this kit because how many you need depends on whether you choose to mount the crossover internally or externally.

The enclosure, while not hard to build, is no weekend project. It may take some time to build and assemble, but nothing about them is difficult to build.

It has been noted that many Alpha LS owners are using these speakers in somewhat smaller rooms than they were designed to be used in. In most small to meduim sized rooms they do tend to load the room with bottom end re-inforcement. For this reason a bass management system has been designed to allow the end user to tailor the low end response for their room.


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Item Number: Alpha LS
Manufacturer: GR Research
Manufacturer Part No: Alpha LS


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