Digital Amp Comparison 2006

This little get together actually compared the latest digital, semi-digital, class D, class T, switching amps and the like. The aim is to help promote the use of these new amps, the companies, and to give some feedback as to how they compare. This technology may well represent the future of all entree level, mid-fi level, two channel, and home theater amplification. Some may even over take some of the big names in the high end market.

Special thanks to all the companies that sent amps. Without them none of this would have been possible.

Meet the competitors: Click each picture to see more information about each amp.

Analog Research Technology

Velutto class D amp


Dodd Audio

Hypex based experiment


Edge G.5

A Quasi class D design



Exodus Audio

Hypex based amp


Lyngdorf Audio

SDA2175 semi-digital amplifier



New Hypex based prototype


Sonic Impact

The Portable T-Amp based on Tripath modules


Then there was the here today, gone tomorrow, amps from NuForce. They sent amps but had a change of heart and decided not to stay for the event. Sorry no comparisons.

NuForce amps

3 weeks with the NuForce amps...



Info about the reference system used for comparisons. See the gear.

Find out how the listening tests (comparisons) were performed. Judging...

Okay on to the subjective comparisons: Round 1 match ups


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