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The A/V-1RS  The RS is for "rear surround"

The A/V-1RS is the only surround speaker out there that is designed to not only give the listener an accurate reproduction of the input signal from anywhere in the room, but also create a large non-localized sound field with non-direct and reflected energy.

They are to be mounted on the wall and can be mounted on rear or side walls. Optimal distance from the ceiling is 16" from the ceiling to the center of the tweeter. They can also be mounted as close as two feet from a corner without any adverse effect on the response. They can even be mounted on the ceiling facing the rear wall and works just as well that way.

The front baffle is at a 100 degree angle from the wall firing up and out into the room.

This revolutionary design undoubtedly will be copied by many other companies as this design takes rear surrounds to the next level, and is the only real solution out there. 

The photos below show a speaker that is not mounted so that the unique and simple mounting solution can be seen.  

The recess in the back side leaves room for excess wiring.

Mounting it to the wall was made real easy. There is an MDF strip that has a 45 degree angle cut across the top that mounts to the wall. The back side of the speaker has a reverse cut 45 degree angle edge that slips down over it. See the side view for a better look at this simple mounting design.

By design, the reflected sound creates added space and ambience that cannot be obtained from a direct radiating design.

While side wall mounted dipole designs can add a sense of space and ambience, the response is not natural, not accurate, and reflects as much forward as back. Rear channel information should not be heard reflected towards the listener from the front of the room.

The standard kit now comes with Erse XQ inductors and Erse Pulse X poly caps. Sonicap Gen.2 by-pass caps are also standard with this kit. The standard internal wire is a high purity solid core 16 gauge with a polyethylene jacket. The kit even includes screws, solder, heat shrink, and binding post cups.

The GR-T3 tweeters that come in this kit have been tested and measured then pair matched. So you will get a matched pair of tweeters with this kit. This is something not typically done for a product at this price point.

A/V-1RS Specifications

  • 2-way sealed box design
  • Parallel network with 2.5kHz crossover point
  • 1 inch GR-T3 soft dome tweeter
  • M-130 5.25 inch paper woofer, polymer chassis, and vented Kapton voice coil
  • Frequency response is as good as +/-2.5dB (varies with room)
  • -3dB is 80hz
  • Sensitivity is 90 dB (1watt/1m)
  • Recommended amplification is 8-100 watts RMS
  • Impedance is 6 ohms nominal 
  • Cabinet dimensions: 12" w x 8" d x 11.5625" h.

Prices are per pair. Click here for enclosure plans.


Your Price: $229.00
Item Number: A/V-1RS
Manufacturer: GR Research
Manufacturer Part No: A/V-1RS


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