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The A/V-2

The A/V-2 is the big brother of the A/V-1. Adding a second woofer in a MTM configuration gives the A/V-2 higher sensitivity and  the ability to move twice as much air. This gives the A/V-2 a stronger foundation and more punch in the bottom end. Yet, the A/V-2 still maintains the astounding imaging, clarity, detail, and realism of the A/V-1, and it easily surpasses the performance of speakers that are well in excess of its price.

The A/V-2 is an excellent choice for use in high end two channel applications when used with a sub-woofer. It is also commonly used in home theater applications as a left, right, and center channel.

The A/V-2's are designed to be stand mounted on stands that are 24" to 29" tall.

Frequency response is flat down to 68 Hz when it drops very quickly and is -3db down at 55 Hz. It falls steeply below that point. This natural roll-off creates an easy blending transition to a sub-woofer. So there is no need to electronically remove the lows when adding a sub-woofer. Just let them play full range and allow the powered sub-woofer to cover 50 to 55Hz and down using an eighteen db per octave or higher slope.

If a sub-woofer doesn't have to play any higher than 50 to 55 Hz, the sound emanating from it is very non-directional with no perceived point source, therefore blending easily with the main speakers.

It is also important to keep in mind that the A/V-2's are a 4 ohm speaker. So make sure your amp or receiver can handle driving the 4 ohm load prior to ordering.

This kit is easy to assemble and can be considered beginner to novice level in difficulty. The wiring diagram has been provided in picture form, so you don't even need to know how to read a schematic.

Tools needed for assembly include a soldering gun, a heat gun (for sealing the glue filled heat shrink) or a really hot hair dryer, a Phillips head screw driver, and a number 15 Torx driver. Other tools that may help include a pair of needle noise pliers, and some good wire stripers.

The enclosures are designed to be easy to build as well.

For building the enclosures the recommended tools include a table saw, a router with a circle jig, wood glue, clamps or finishing nails (for holding it until the glue dries), drill, sand paper, etc.


Depending on how you choose finish them there will be an expense for veneer or paint.

The standard kit now comes with Erse XQ inductors and Erse Pulse X poly caps. Sonicap Gen.2 by-pass caps are also standard with this kit. We now offer the new patent pending Electra Tube Connectors as on option with all of our A/V Series kits. The tube connectors are superior to all currently available binding posts. These have a $59 a set retail value. The standard internal wire is a high purity solid core 16 gauge with a polyethylene jacket.

A/V-2 Specifications

  • 2-way bass reflex design
  • Proprietary crossover
  • 1” GR-T3 soft dome tweeter
  • Two M-130 5.25” composite paper woofer with phase plug, polymer chassis, and vented Kapton voice coil
  • Frequency response +/-1.2 db (anechoic) 3 db down point is 55Hz
  • Sensitivity is 91.5 db (1watt/1m)
  • Nominal power range 5-200 watts RMS
  • Impedance 4 ohms nominal 3.6 ohms minimal
  • Height 17.5", width 8", and depth 14.25"


Prices are per pair. Click here for enclosure plans.


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Manufacturer: GR Research
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