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The A/V-4

This model was discontinued because we are no longer carrying the PR-12A (passive radiator)

The A/V-4 is a small three way speaker that is ideal for small to medium sized rooms. Some room gain in the lower end has been allowed for in the design. So despite the powerful impressions from the large 12" woofer and passive radiator, it will not be a speaker to over power the room with low end.

The A/V-4 is an all passive design needing only a single amp to drive them.

The tweeter is our GR-T2 crossing over to our popular M-130 woofer in the 2.2kHz range.

The M-130 woofer is loaded in a shallow open backed transmission line enclosure that tunes it to 125Hz. The large open back design allows the woofer to act as if it is an open baffle throughout most of its coverage range. This gives it a boxless sound and makes the speaker extremely transparent.

The M-130 then crosses over to the side loaded SW-12A woofer in the 100Hz range. Freeing it up from these lower end duties decreases distortion by a large factor making mid-bass and midrange coverage effortless and unstrained.

The SW-12A woofer is tuned to a -3db point of 25Hz with the help of the PR-12A passive radiator mounted right below it on the same side.

Side loading the lower woofer and PR keeps the frontal area small minimizing surface reflections from the tweeter and mid-bass driver. The small frontal area is also more visually pleasing and more easily accepted as unintrucive.

With the side loaded woofer only covering from 100Hz and down it is undetectable as to its location as the lower wavelengths that it handles become vary omni-directional and are hard to localize.

This speaker delivers full range, big speaker sound, in a small package, and for many two channel systems this design can eliminate the need for an additional sub-woofer.

It can also be used as left and right mians in a home theater system and matches perfectly with our other A/V series kits.

The enclosures were designed to be easy to build and our standard front baffles with grills can be used. These are the same front baffles and grills that can also be used to build A/V-1 or A/V-1RS models.

The design of the side panels is such that it stiffens and strengthens the lower cavity housing the larger woofer. The side panels can be painted or veneered in contrasting colors for a stylish look.

This kit is easy to assemble and can be considered beginner to novice level in difficulty. The wiring diagram has been provided in picture form, so you don't even need to know how to read a schematic. The enclosures are designed to be easy to build as well.

Tools needed for assembly include a soldering gun, a heat gun (for sealing the glue filled heat shrink) or a really hot hair dryer, a Phillips head screw driver, and a number 15 Torx driver. Other tools that may help include a pair of needle noise pliers, and some good wire stripers.

For building the enclosures the recommended tools include a table saw, a router with a circle jig, wood glue, claps or finishing nails (for holding it until the glue dries), drill, sand paper, etc.

Depending on how you choose finish them there will be an expense for veneer or paint.

There is only one thing the average hobbyist sees as tricky when building their own enclosures, and that's fabricating their own grills.

If you would like grills we have made this easy as well.

We have in stock, pre-cut, front baffles and grills. Both have small Neodymium magnets embedded in them that are unseen from the surface. So the grill easily self aligns and snaps firmly in place when placed on the front baffle. The lower section of the A/V-4 baffle can be added below with stanard MDF and mated with a butt joint and wood glue.

The kit already includes high end components like Sonicaps and Alpha Core foil inductors.

A/V-4 Specifications

  • 3-way open backed mid-bass design with 12" woofer and PR
  • Proprietary network specific to these drivers.
  • 1 inch GR-T2 soft dome tweeter
  • M-130, 5.25 inch composite paper woofer with polymer chassis, and vented Kapton voice coil
  • Frequency response is within +/- 1.5db
  • Sensitivity is 88db (1watt/1m)
  • Nominal power range 5-150 watts RMS
  • Impedance 8 ohms.
  • Cabinet size 39.25" high, 8" wide body and 9.5" wide with added side panels, and it is 16" deep.

Prices are per pair. Click here for enclosure plans.


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