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The A/V-O, omni-direction loudspeaker

The A/V-O model is a design that exceeded the original design goals and works well in various applications.

It was designed to be the ideal rear surround speaker complementing our other A/V series models. It performs that role and then some.

As a rear surround speaker it creates a huge omni-directional sound field that sounds much larger that one would expect.

They are also very accurate and present a very accurate frequency response regardless of listening axis.

By design they offer a wide range of flexibility. They can be towed in or out to soften the top end as needed. They can even be turned to face towards the rear of the room with the tweeters facing away from the listener to create a more defuse and less localized sound field.

Surprisingly they work equally well as left and right mains or as a center channel.

As left and right main speakers they can easily sound like a big speaker while keeping a small size. They have an extremely open sound to them with no box coloration's. Imaging is outstanding and very convincing of a live performance.

The height can easily be adjusted to allow them to be used as a center channel speaker in front of a flat screen TV or front projector. Adjusting the height and the internal air space will slightly alter the low end extension. With its current height and air space it is -3db down at 50Hz. It is rear ported.

The small and narrow profile gets high approvals from significant others too. The size is only 7" by 7" by 35.75" tall, plus the base and floor spikes.

The kit comes complete with everything you'll need minus tools or wood. Even the little things like heat shrink, screws, solder, etc are all included. It even comes with large Brass floor spikes.

The standard kit now comes with Erse XQ inductors and Erse Pulse X poly caps. Sonicap Gen.2 by-pass caps are also standard with this kit. The standard internal wire is a high purity solid core 16 gauge with a polyethylene jacket.We now offer the new patent pending Electra Tube Connectors as an option on our A/V series kits. They are superior to all current binding posts. These have a $59 a set retail value. 


A/V-O Specifications

  • 2-way bass reflex design
  • Simple parallel network
  • 1 inch GR-T3 soft dome tweeter
  • M-130 5.25 inch composite paper woofer with phase plug type dust cap, polymer chassis, and vented Kapton voice coil
  • Frequency response is as good as +/-1.75dB
  • -3dB is 50Hz
  • Sensitivity is 86 dB (1watt/1m)
  • Recommended amplification is 8-100 watts RMS
  • Impedance 8 ohms nominal with a 6.5 ohm minimal dip
  • Dimensions: 35.75 " h (plus base and floor spikes) x 7" w x 7 " d.

Prices are per pair. Click here for enclosure plans.


Your Price: $249.00
Item Number: A/V-O
Manufacturer: GR Research
Manufacturer Part No: A/V-O


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