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Electra Cable B-4 Speaker Cable

The Electra Cable B-4 Speaker cable

The B-4 speaker cable uses four 16 gauge conductors made from four 9's purity, solid core Copper. The dielectric material is made from a 30 mil polyethylene insulator. Two conductors are used for positive and two are used for negative. The total gauge is just over 14 gauge per leg. These four conductors are braided in a counter rotating geometry around a poly-cotton core to cancel out RFI and EMI interference resulting in a lower noise floor. ERS paper shielded is also used. 

Tube connectors are standard for these cables and are highly recommended. Other options for connectors are Vampire's Gold coated, solid Copper spades or banana plugs as per your choice.

B-4 Speaker cable lengths and prices:

6' pair - $299.00
8' pair - $349.00
10' pair - $399.00
12' pair - $449.00

Use the comments section when ordering to specify what type of ends you need on the input and output side of the cable. 

Your Price: $299.00
Item Number: B-4
Manufacturer: Electra Cable
Manufacturer Part No: B-4


Standard 6 Foot Pair

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