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The CST-1 by Carnegie Acoustics

These are the CST-1's that arrived as part of the first shipment of product. They had the damping material improperly installed. So it was decided that instead of opening up all of these boxes and fixing every pair it would be better to just slash the price and sell them direct to the customer at a huge discount. Additional insulation can easily be added by the customer. 

The CST-1 is a floor standing speaker that was based off of our N3 kit design. It uses the BG Neo tweeter with deep back cups. It also uses a pair of 5.25" paper cone woofers based off of our M-130 design. The speaker is 8 ohms and has 89db sensitivity. It is a rear terminated transmission line design that is tuned to 44Hz. 

These have a black gloss finish that looks really nice. And the speakers are well packed and covered with a velour embroidered bag. 

Regarding the internal damping material. Most of the cabinets were lined with a resonance control sheet that is an asphalt/vinyl based damper. So here is what needs to be done to them by the customer. Simply remove the woofers and install the additional polyfill or fiberglass insulation. In addition the cabinets can be lined with No Rez to take them up a notch. 

Here is a diagram showing where to place the No Rez and additional damping material.

Everything else about these speaker are great. High quality crossover parts were used, and they even have tube connectors instead of binding posts. The finish is excellent and they even have magnetically held on grills. They even come with floor spikes. 

This is a steal of a deal. You can't even have the cabinets made for this price. Get them now. 

These are being blown out for half of retail. And they were already a great value at full retail. 

$899 for the pair. 

List Price: $2,000.00
Your Price: $899.00
You Save: $1,101.00 (55 %)
Item Number: CST-1
Manufacturer: Carnegie Acoustics
Manufacturer Part No: CST-1

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