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The Diluceo

This model has been discontinued. The following is the last info made available on this model before it was discontinued.

The Lucidity Series line, designed by Danny Richie, is a joint effort that is being offered with GR Research and Creative Sound Solutions located in Abbotsford, BC Canada.

The name "Diluceo" couldn't be more accurate in describing these speakers. It is a Latin word that simply means "clear". When listening to these speakers, clarity is an over whelming first impression.

The Diluceo takes the highly impressive Criterion to the next level with higher sensitivity, more bass impact, greater resolution, more realism and more emotional involvement.

The Diluceo hits a performance level that few speakers can even approach. At its price the Diluceo is second to none.

The CSS ARG2 tweeter is latest generation ribbon tweeter.

The woofer is the latest revision of the highly regarded Eton 5-880/25 HEX-b woofer. In this configuration it will reach a -3db down point of 55Hz.

The crossover design utilizes Alpha Core foil inductors, Sonicap capacitors, and Mills resistors. Heavy SCI binding post, ports, wire, solder and all diagrams are included. No upgrades are offered. It comes with the best components available, period, and this is the only way it is offered.

Its high sensitivity makes it ideal for the use with small tube amps. 8 watts of power is great for near field listening and small rooms. For medium size to large sized rooms amplification in the 30 to 100 watt range is ideal. Just make sure your amplification can handle the 4 ohm load of the Diluceo.

The Diluceo's can be ordered three different ways.

As a Kit: This is for the more adventurous hobbyist. This offers the greatest level of value, but some wood working skills are also required to build the enclosures.

Fully Assembled: This option gets you a completed pair of speakers that are custom built for you and ready to play.

Custom built matching stands are also available. Click the link and check them out.

Diluceo Specifications

  • 2-way bass reflex design
  • Simple parallel crossover network using the best available components.
  • CSS ARG2 ribbon tweeter.
  • Latest Eton 5-880/25 HEX-b woofer
  • Frequency response is +/-1.2dB
  • -3dB is 55hz
  • Sensitivity is 91dB (1watt/1m)
  • Recommended amplification is 8 to 100 watts and no more than 200 watt peaks.
  • Impedance 4 ohms nominal and 3.8 ohms minimal.
  • Dimensions: 17.875" x 8" x 12.375" hwd.

Your Price: Call for pricing
Item Number: Diluceo
Manufacturer: GR Research
Manufacturer Part No: Diluceo


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