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Electra Cable B-7S Power Cable

The Electra cable B-7 Power Cable

The B-7 is a new cable design that uses six 16 gauge conductors of Teflon jacketed Silver coated Copper. Three are used for hot and three for neutral. They are braided into a country rotation geometry around the ground cable making it an 11 gauge for each leg. It uses a 10 gauge Copper ground cable that is multi-stranded and uses a 20 mil nylon coated insulator.

The B-7 cable also uses ESR paper shielding on the ends for greater RFI and EMI rejection.

The male plug and IEC plug uses high purity solid Copper contact throughout.

B-7 Power cable lengths and prices:

4' - $199.00
5' - $219.00
6' - $239.00
7' - $259.00
8' - $279.00

We have no problem loaning these power cables out for a 30 day trail. But be warned. You won't want to return them. So far, no one has returned one. 

Your Price: $199.00
Item Number: B-7S
Manufacturer: Electra Cable
Manufacturer Part No: B-7S


Standard 4 Foot Cable

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