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Flat 5

The Flat 5 center channel speaker
Out of stock until we get in more LGK drivers. 

The Flat 5 center channel was designed for small to medium sized rooms with little to no room treatment. The controlled dispersion of the 3" LGK driver minimizes room interaction in the upper frequency ranges and maintains an even response through the critical ranges even in off axis seating positions. Another strength of this design is the clarity of the vocal and dialog regions.  

The center driver covers a wide frequency range and crosses over to the outer four LGK drivers in the 250Hz range using a low order crossover. So the blend between drivers is very seamless. The four outer drivers cover the lower ranges increasing power handling considerably over that of a single driver. The tuning of the two front ports allow for a -3db in 70Hz range. 

The complete kit includes all drivers, crossover parts, tube connectors, wire, solder, screws, heat shrink, and ports. Only $279 per speaker. High quality parts are used throughout as well. 

See some more pics of the flat 5 here. 


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Item Number: Flat 5
Manufacturer Part No: Flat 5

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