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Foil Inductors

High-technology laminating from Alpha-Core ( the same process behind the patented Alpha-core's Serpents and Goertz MI audio cables ) makes it possible to manufacture inductors from high purity copper or silver foil wound onto a Lexan polycarbonate tube. Foil inductors are mounted by means of a single polycarbonate screw through the central bore, or a silicone elastomer, or a hot-melt adhesive.
Foil inductors have obvious advantages over wire-wound inductors in terms of improved electrical and sonic characteristics. This important new development has much to contribute to the design of state-of-the art loudspeaker crossover networks.

  • Negligible skin effect below 100 kHz; many orders of magnitude below conventional wire-wound types.
  • High winding tension and vacuum fusing of faces provide high dimensional stability, effectively locking the conductors in place. Wire-wound inductors, which allow relative motion of conductors due to electromagnetic forces, will exhibit FM distortion by the process of reactance modulation.
  • Flat inductive reactance from 5 Hz to 50 kHz.
  • No saturation distortion due to air-core design. Inductors contain no magnetic materials.
  • Reduced power loss. Highest space factor (ratio of conductor cross area to total cross-section) means lower DC resistance within comparable dimensions. Negligible power loss due to skin-effect.
  • Extremely low stored charge.
  • Cool operation even during prolonged high output power operation. The high space factor and winding density results in improved heat dissipation.