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GR-T3 Tweeter

Frequency Range 2k - 20kHz
Free Air Resonance 1.9kHz
Nominal Impedance 6 ohms
DC Resistance 5.3 ohms
Voice Coil Diameter 25.4 mm
Max Power 75 watts
Sensitivity 92 db
Face plate size 103.5 mm
Mounting depth 3.5 mm

GR-T3 tweeter

The GR-T3 uses a natural silk dome with a well dampened rear chamber, and is fully shielded. It produces a very smooth response and has a very natural sound. This is not a tweeter that will sound harsh, hot, or fatiguing.

Improvements over the earlier GR-T2 include higher sensitivity. The shielding cup sized has been reduced to better fit the motor size. Slightly less ferrofluid was used in the gap to improve transient response. Fs is now higher but the resonant peak is now very slight.

The response curve posted below was made in one of our A/V-1 enclosures.

Driver consistency is very good, but we still measure and test each tweeter. Each tweeter also comes with its measured response curve. Tweeters purchased in pairs or in our kits come in matched pairs.

Ordered pairs will include a measured response curve of each tweeter. Responses are then used to hand select matched pairs.


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Manufacturer: GR Research
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