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GR-T6 Tweeter

Frequency Range 2k - 20kHz
Frequency Range 2k - 20kHz
Free Air Resonance 1kHz
Nominal Impedance 6 ohms
DC Resistance 4.75 ohms
Voice Coil Diameter 25.4 mm
Max Power 75 watts
Sensitivity 96 db
Face plate size 103.5 mm
Mounting depth 3.5 mm

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GR-T6 tweeter

The GR-T6 is the solution for those looking for a good quality soft dome to use in high sensitivity or high output applications. There is no longer a reason to have to settle for low quality Piezo's, Bullet, or horn loaded tweeters. The GR-T6 combines great sound with high sensitivity, a low Fs, and a smooth frequency response.

It uses a fabric dome with a dampened rear chamber. All units are also fully shielded. It uses the same face plate as the new GR-T2.

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Ordered pairs will include a measured response curve of each tweeter. Responses are then used to hand select matched pairs.


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Manufacturer: GR Research
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