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GR Neo 3

New GR Neo 3 

The GR Neo 3 is a planar magnetic design utilizing an Aluminum etched conductor on Kapton film. The Kapton film combines a higher thermal limit with a light weight mass for greater durability and mechanical stability. This gives the GR Neo 3 high power handling, high sensitivity, and excellent sound quality.

The motor design uses five rows of high power Neodymium magnets in a push/pull symmetrical alignment. The diaphragm is suspended within the magnetic field and is uniformly driven by the electromagnetic force allowing it to provide accurate and immediate reproduction of the input signal without break up, distortion or phase in-coherency.

The impedance of the GR Neo 3 is 4 ohms and is a purely resistive load making it easy to drive with any amplifier.

The GR Neo 3 produces a very smooth frequency response that allows it to be used in applications with open baffles or used with rear back cups. It also can be used in various wave guides to extend the low frequency response to crossover points as low as 1,200Hz. And the top end of its range extends to 40kHz.  Average sensitivity is 96db.

Unlike similar Neo drivers the GR Neo 3 uses pure Copper terminals with a Gold protective coating rather than the typical terminals made from Tin.

To improve off axis response customers can install a thick Yarn into the two outer rows limiting the playing surface to a 5/8" wide opening of the two center rows. An illustration can be seen here:

Your Price: $85.00
Item Number: GR Neo 3
Manufacturer: GR Research
Manufacturer Part No: GR Neo 3

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