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HX300 Direct Servo Subwoofer Amp

These amplifiers are showcases of our pursuit of perfection for those who seek more than just basic functions.


The HX300 can drive up to three of our SW-08-16FR woofers in an open baffle or infinite baffle application. It can also drive a pair of our SW-12-08FR woofers in an open baffle or infinite baffle application. And it can be used to drive a single SW-12-04 woofer in a sealed box application. Please specify your application when ordering. 

Features include:

Harmonic distortion is less 0.01% at 200WRMS @4ohms (-1.5 dB from full output).
Toroid transformer based design for ultra high power supply reliability.
All OP amps on the signal paths are OPA2134 and TL072 for better sound quality (SQ) and richer bass sound.
Hypex Ucd module(s) are used in the power amplifier section for a smooth and articulate sound.
Three extension filter settings: Low-music (for music playback), Low-HT (for HT application) and High (for long play back time).
Signal to noise ratio: better than 107 dB (A-weighted).
Input impedance: 30k ohms.
Air tight by design. No need for a back cover or separate chamber. It will give you an extra 0.1 cu ft enclosure net volume compared with those with back covers.
Continuous phase adjustment (0-180) and low pass filter adjustment (50-200 Hz).
Gold plated connectors.
Brushed aluminum face plate.
Build-in thermal and short circuit protection circuitry.
The phase control is vastly improved so that it has better control in the non-HT setup.
Subwoofer crossover adjustable range is increased to 50-200 Hz for more flexibility.
This amp also carries a 2yr warranty against defects (does not cover abuse or installation errors). All other features such as protection circuits are same as regular amps.

Dimension: (W)195mm x (H) 260mm x (D)100mm.
Cutout Dimension: (W) 167mm x (H) 233mm.
The HX300 is rated at 300 Watts into a 4 ohm load.
350 watt maximum output.
Net weight: 7lbs (9lbs) for HX300 (HX580).

Quality components:

The op amps used here are audiophile grade OPA2134 and TL072. OPA2134's are used in the high pass section (the one for front speakers filtering). On the subwoofer signal path, the op amps are mixtures of OPA2134 and TL072. The reason for us to use TL072 is for its richer bass sound. At half of full output rating, the distortion is less than 0.01%. In addition, similar to the A370 servo amps, there is no electrolytic capacitors on the signal and feedback paths.


Controls of these compact size amplifiers have been carefully designed to fit the footprint. Yet, it has all the controls that we need to tailor to every application. Compared to the standard amplifier, the only thing left out is the PEQ control which we assume customers already have from either HT receivers or dedicated DSP room correction units.

Crossover controls:

Crossover controls include phase control on the left, then crossover setting in the middle and 12db/24db toggle switch on the right.

The phase control has been improved in resolution and labels have been adjusted to be more accurate. The circuit is a simple RC all pass filter. A similar circuit is used for adding delay time (such as those in Linkwitz's all active speakers). While the circuit does provide delay, it is limited to 180 degrees. Theoretically, given a fixed delay, the phase shift should be proportional to frequency. However, this RC circuit will not go beyond 180 degrees.

Bass extension control:

To simplify bass extension control, we have incorporated bass extension and rumble filter in one signle toggle switch. Low music setting is the most gradual roll-off (or low Q) we recommend to customers. For HT application or vinyl playback, we recommend to use LOW-HT setting which incorporates a 3rd order rumble filter. The high setting is recommended for application where highest SPL or prolonged playback time is needed.

Power control:

The designed of power control and power indicator light is slightly different from our standard models. The indicator will flash once when switching from OFF to ON (or red light to green light). The indicator also serves a second purpose: indicating amplifier is into clipping by blinking during loud passage.

The HX300 is a  Hypex Ucd module-based Direct Servo enabled amplifiers with compact footprint. The
 HX series amplifiers use toroidal transformers instead of switching mode power supplies.


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