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LGK 1.0 Kit

LGK 1.0 Kit

Out of stock until we get in more LGK drivers.

The LGK 1.0 kit is a very high quality desktop design that will rival any desktop style speaker at any price point. The LGK 1.0 wide band driver is the heart of the design. A simple compensation circuit using Sonicaps, Mills resistors, and Erse XQ inductors are used to compensate for the baffle step loss of the small cabinet. This gives the speaker an extremely flat response. High quality OFC wire in polyethylene and tube connectors are also standard in this kit. Also included are ports, screws, solder, heat shrink, and a half a sheet of No Rez. 

   See measured responses:

    Off axis frequency response
    Super clean spectral decay
    Impedance response in ported box
    Impedance response in sealed box

The smooth and well controlled off axis response makes these ideal for untreated rooms allowing them to be used in applications not suitable for other types of speakers.  

We are now offering these with cabinets. We had a limited number of these cabinets made. So get them while they are available. 

The cabinets are made from 13mm MDF. So they are slightly thicker than 1/2". They are painted with a textured pant that looks pretty nice too.

The cabinets came out really well overall, but need a few easy adjustments before installing the LGK driver into them.

The port hole was also made a little to the small side. Again a hand held die grinder with a sanding roll will open it up to the 2" required diameter in a few seconds. Just taking it open a little more than the paint layer The through hole for the LGK driver was suppose to have a small radius on it. This inside edge needs to be knocked off prior to use. A hand held die grinder with a sanding roll will knock it off real easily. With some additional time and effort it could be rounded over with some hand held sand paper.  

The through holes for the tube connectors are also a little small. But those can easily be chased through with a 7/16" drill bit to open them up to the ideal size. 

If ordering the pre-built cabinets it deletes the half sheet of No Rez as it cannot be installed into the cabinets after they are built ($20 value). Each cabinet is then priced at a reduced price of only $29 each. Ordered separately they are $39 each. 

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