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M130-16 Woofer

FS 52.3 Hz
RE 12.9 ohms
Qms 2.329
Qts .447
Qes .554
Xmax 3.3 mm
L (1k) .55 mH
L (10k) .34 mH
Vas 15 Liters
Mms 7.825 grams
Cms 1.183 mm/newt
Bl 7.745 Tesla-M
SPL 87.7 db 1 watt/1meter
Area 95.05 sq cm

M-130/16 woofer

This new woofer is a 16 ohm version of the extremely popular M-130, 5.25" woofer. It uses the same frame, curvilinear cone, dust cap, vented pole piece, and outer venting, but a larger motor structure was used and parameters designed in such a way as to offer good low end response in a ported enclosure and to also work well in a sealed enclosure.

These 16 ohm woofers are designed to be used in paralleled pairs.

Optimal sealed enclosure for one pair is .48 cubic feet. In this configuration they will reach a -3db of 90Hz. In an optimal ported enclosure for a pair is 1.15 cubic feet. They will reach a -3db of 47Hz in this configuration.

Like the 8 ohm M-130, the M-130/16 has a very smooth response curve with very little upper end break-up and a very extended range.


Your Price: $28.95
Item Number: M130-16
Manufacturer: GR Research
Manufacturer Part No: M130-16


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