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M165-16 Woofer

FS 37.7 Hz
RE 11.4 ohms
Qms 2.16
Qts .468
Qes .591
Xmax 3.3mm
L (1k) .86 mH
L (10k) .40 mH
Vas 53.46 Liters

8.75 grams

Cms 2.040 mm/newt
Bl 6.4 Tesla-M
SPL 88.9 db
Area 137.07 sq cm

M-165/16 woofer

The M-165/16 is the 16 ohm version of the M165. It was designed to be used in pairs and in MTM arrangements to increase SPL capabilities and sensitivity while still maintaining an easier to drive 8 ohm impedance.

The M-165/16 has a curvilinear cone allowing a smooth roll off into the higher frequencies ranges.

This woofer has a very smooth mid-range and great bass response. The M-165/16 can be used as a woofer or as a mid, and is ideal for two-way applications. It is also well suited as a mid-bass driver in an open baffle application.

This woofer was made popular in the X-Series product line where it won many industry awards.

An optimal sealed enclosure is .98 cubic feet. Optimal ported enclosure is 2.4 cubic feet where it will play to a -3db down of 31Hz. It can and has been used in smaller ported enclosures with great success. 

  • The M-165/16 is vented below the spider
  • Bumped back plate
  • Polymer chassis
  • Light weight treated paper composite cone with new curvilinear shape

The M-165/16 is also available fully shielded for applications where it could be placed near a traditional tube type TV or computer. 


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Manufacturer: GR Research
Manufacturer Part No: M165/16


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