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M130 Woofer

FS 50 Hz
RE 5.6 ohms
Qms 2.48
Qts .39
Qes .45
Xmax 3.3mm
L (1k) .29 mH
L (10k) .16 mH
Vas 16.3 Liters

7.72 grams

Cms 1.285 mm/newt
Bl 5.37 Tesla-M
SPL 89.9 db
Area 95.05 sq cm

M-130 woofer

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The M-130 has a curvilinear cone allowing a smooth roll off into the higher frequencies and giving it a more extended range as well.

In this latest version the midrange is smoother than ever and bass response is stronger too. The M-130 can be used as a woofer or as a mid, and is ideal for two-way applications. Its light weight mass and strong motor structure offer good speed with great detail and dynamics. In a .40 cubic foot ported enclosure it will play to a -3db down of 55Hz.

  • The M-130 has a vented pole piece
  • Plus, outer venting
  • Bumped back plate
  • Polymer chassis
  • Light weighttreated paper composite cone with new curvilinear shape


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Item Number: M130
Manufacturer: GR Research
Manufacturer Part No: M130


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Product Reviews

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Very smooth, clean and clear as a midrange!
RJB Audio (.com) (Central NY) 11/22/2011 3:03 PM
I designed a 3 way speaker around this driver about 4 years ago. This speaker is narrow 3 way tower using a ported Dayton RS180S-8 7" woofer and a Vifa XT19 tweeter. I chose 2nd order slopes and a crossover point of 500 Hz between the woofer and the M130 as well as 4th order (mixed order) slopes between the M130 and the XT19. With this configuration, the M130 does a phenomenal job of covering the midrange frequencies with a very smooth but clear (not muddy) presentation within this range. They are not shrill or harsh like some metal cone drivers but they also don't reveal every last tiny detail in the recording. In general they tend to have less odd order distortion and a bit more even order distorion giving them almost a "tube-like" midrange sound. The damped paper cone helps as well. As a result they are non-fatiguing with just about any type of music or recording. There are more details about this project (JDB3 tower speaker) and the sound/performance of the M130 on my website at... My best friend has been enjoying these speakers for a few years now and I would like to thank Danny for providing such a great product!