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M165NQ Woofer

M156NQ Woofer
FS 51.7 Hz
RE 5.49 ohms
Qms 11.07
Qts .55
Qes .58
Xmax 5 mm each way
L (1k) .50 mH
L (10k) .12 mH
Vas 19.07 Liters

13.1 grams

Cms .723 mm/newt
Bl 6.35 Tesla-M
SPL 88.4 db
Area 137.07 sq cm

The M-165NQ

The M165NQ is a newly developed driver for open baffle applications. Nothing on the market like these currently exists. These are the only drivers designed specifically to be used as mid-bass drivers in open baffle applications and they can also be used in sealed or ported cabinets. 

These new woofers have a push pull motor design that uses a Neodymium magnet on the pole piece and a ceramic magnet on the top plate. They have Copper shorting rings and an Aluminum phase plug. The phase plug, back plate, and top plate are all Copper anodized. The voice coil is a large 44mm. The cones are paper, and play smoothly into the upper ranges with no break up or ringing. And they use our popular non-resonant polymer frames. There is no better frame.

The diameter of the driver frame is 7.25" and mounting depth is 2.9375".

See a .pdf file of the frequency response here

M165NQ Woofer


Your Price: $109.00
Item Number: M165NQ
Manufacturer: GR Research
Manufacturer Part No: M165NQ

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