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M165X Woofer

FS 40 Hz
RE 5.6 ohms
Qms 2.73
Qts .44
Qes .526
Xmax 7.8 mm each way
L (1k) .86 mH
L (10k) .36 mH
Vas 34.57Liters

11.9 grams

Cms 1.3183 mm/newt
Bl 5.66 Tesla-M
SPL 88.3 db
Area 137.07 sq cm

The M-165X with the XBL2 motor

Like the M-130, the M-165X has a curvilinear shaped treated paper cone, allowing a smooth extension into the higher frequency ranges.

This woofer has incredibly smooth midrange and very good low bass extension. -3db down point in a 1.2 cubic foot ported enclosure is 37.5Hz.

The XBL2 Motor structure lowers low frequency distortion by keeping a linear BL even at high output levels. X-max is significantly increased as well.

It also uses a polymer frame featuring venting beneath the spider plus a vent pole piece.

This driver also works great as a mid-bass woofer in an open baffle design.

The diameter of the driver frame is 7.25" and mounting depth is 2.9375".


Your Price: $45.00
Item Number: M165X
Manufacturer: GR Research
Manufacturer Part No: M165X

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