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Majik Buss

Majik Buss

Electrical power is the lifeblood of every audio system.  Most listeners plug their systems into the wall and never give another thought to what is flowing through their equipment.  The fact is that the electricity from the power grid is a cesspool of pollution.  Radio Frequency Interference (RFI), Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), power company telemetry and other forms of distortion conspire to pollute our equipment with noise that is NOT adequately filtered by equipment power supplies.  The result is noise in the circuitry of equipment that smears detail and robs systems of articulation and slam.  Digital circuitry is particularly prone to degradation of performance from noise artifacts.

The MAJIK BUSS remedies these problems.  Passive parallel technology purges the incoming power of RFI, EMI and other distortion.  Our innovative EMI module assures that there is absolutely no current limiting at the output.  This is realized through the use of oversize conductors and the absence of series elements. The MAJIK BUSS also provides Power Factor Correction to make the incoming electrical current more efficient further enhancing the performance of your equipment.

The result is an absolutely black background underneath the music.  The noise floor vanishes.   Music is effortlessly delivered with subtlety and detail never before experienced on your system.  Bass is tighter with better pitch definition and more body.  Vocals and instruments possess enriched harmonic content and timbre.  High frequencies are airy and lose unnatural stridency.  Your musical collection will be a completely new experience with the MAJIK BUSS providing grunge free power to your system.


 15 amps @ 125 V.  20 Amp versions are available upon request
 15 A IEC inlet connector
 15 A Leviton Quad inverted inlet receptacle allows 4 large plugs
 Internal wiring is rated at over 45 A in chassis applications
 Hardwood cabinet eliminates electrical eddy currents
 Textured black finish.  Other finishes available upon request
 Power cords are not included (14ga. minimum required)
 Dimensions: 5.25" x 5.25" x 11.25"
 Warning: the Majik BUSS will not work on a circuit with a GFCI installed
        due to the Neutral to Ground filtration that is used in the unit
 The Majik BUSS should not be plugged into the output of a active power
        regeneration such as a PS Audio PowerPlantTM or equivalent due
        to the capacitive nature of the Majik BUSS.  Regenerators should be
          plugged into the Majik BUSS.
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Your Price: $595.00
Item Number: Majik Buss
Manufacturer: PI Audio
Manufacturer Part No: Majik Buss

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