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Neo 3 pdr

Neo 3 PDR

These are now out of stock

GR Research is an authorized distributor of BG's line of Neo drivers.

The BG drivers are a planar-magnetic transducer. The construction of these drivers is very unique. A push-pull symmetrical magnet system is used to control an etched Aluminum/Kaladex laminate diaphragm. All of these drivers have really low distortion, high dynamic ranges, high power handling, excellent sound quality, extended low frequency range, and high sensitivity. These drivers also have a much faster cumulative spectral decay than any conventional tweeter. They are also a purely resistive load making it easy to drive. The Neo drivers are also magnetically shielded. These drivers can also be used in dipole configurations.

The Neo 3 with standard mounting face plate.In the center is the raw Neo 3 driver. The Neo 3 PDR shares the same look as the standard Neo 3. The PDR Neo 3 offers better off axis response and smoother on axis response at the expense of 3db less sensitivity than the standard Neo 3 version. These can be used in two applications easily replacing most dome tweeter. To the right is the taller Neo 8. It has a more controlled vertical response and is ideal for use in line source applications where multiple units are used.


The Neo 3 and Neo 3 PDR have a useful range of 1.8kHz to 20kHz and in a dipole configuration or with a tuned rear chamber they are capable of covering a range from 1,500Hz to 20kHz. Sensitivity of the Neo 3 is 96db. Sensitivity of the PDR version is 93db. Sensitivity will drop some when used in a dipole configuration. Both units have a purely resistive 4 ohm impedance and 3.5 ohms DCR. Power handling is rated at 10 watts RMS, 20 watts program, and 50 watt peak.
We also stock the deep back cup and deep back cup versions of the Neo 3 pdr are in stock as well. This version is an OEM only variant only available through GR Research.

Click here for more information about the Neo 3

Click here for more information about the Neo 3 PDR


From left to right is the surface mount, deep flush mount, and new flush mount face plates.Only the new flush mount face plates (right) are being produced, but we still have a few of the older ones left in stock if you need one.

We are out of stock on the base models and currently only stocking the pdr version. 


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