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Neo 10

Neo 10
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BG’s newest patent pending planar-magnetic transducer, offers excellent sound quality and is suitable for a number of applications as a high-performance wideband midrange.

Key features:
·  Low Mass, High Temperature Diaphragm – directly driven for high power handling, outstanding transient response and damping.
·  Push-Pull Symmetrical Motor Structure – produces symmetric magnetic field for inherently low distortion and high sensitivity.
·  Resistive Impedance - non-reactive load is amplifier friendly. Very low self-inductance minimizes intermodulation and phase distortion for increased accuracy and coherency.
·  Patent pending diaphragm technology and plate design for extended low frequency extension, minimal distortion and increased output capability.

The Neo10 is the next step in the line of BG’s planar drivers. The design goals include higher sensitivity, lower distortion, a lower usable cut off frequency and higher power handling than previous offerings. This
provides a solution to an important system goal – uncompromised reproduction of the human vocal range. An
additional benefit of the extended bandwidth is improved integration with a dynamic woofer. Seamless integration
historically has been a challenge in practice and this is much easier to accomplish at 150-250 Hz than an octave

Construction Details:
While the Neo10 has similar design principles as the Neo8, its construction has significant differences. Fig.2
shows the construction details. The goal of extended low frequency reproduction dictated the use of a larger
magnetic gap for higher excursion. Large magnets were used to further increase magnetic flux density in the
gap. The magnet system is a symmetrical “push-pull” configuration that has proven to offer low distortion and
improved sensitivity. The Neo10 also uses significantly thicker metal for its plates to provide the required
dimensional stability when using a physically larger magnet structure. Plate shape also becomes analogous to
diaphragm shape under excursion, which facilitates extended low frequency output. Specifically tuned fabric
screens have certain acoustical resistance and play an important role in stabilizing and damping of the Neo10’s
diaphragm. Finally, the NEO10’s unique diaphragm technology provides low distortion and the ability to
reproduce signals down to 150Hz, thus achieving the driver’s design goals.

GR Research is an authorized distributor of BG's line of Neo drivers.


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