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The NX-Treme
These are out of stock until our next shipment of M165NQ/16 woofers arrive. 

The NX-Treme is the top dog of the NX series models. We guarantee a performance level with the NX-Treme that will beat or compete with anything at any price point. And when paired with our open baffle servo controlled woofers nothing really can be compared to them when looking at the performance level in all areas of design. Nothing else currently available does what these do. The NX-Treme offers a high level of accuracy on and off axis, high sensitivity, time aligned drivers, an easy to drive load, high detail levels top to bottom, and a frequency response down low that is flat to 20Hz and -3db well into the teens, and all while being open baffle top to bottom.

Like NX-Otica the tweeters used are the new GR Neo 3 tweeters. The mids used are the 16 ohm M165NQ drivers that were designed just for this type of open baffle application. And covering the lower ranges are eight standard M165-16 woofers wired in a series/parallel configuration. So the bottom end is extremely tight and clean.

Sensitivity is 94.5db and the impedance is a nominal 8 ohm load. So they can be easily driven with small tube amps or chip amps.

The 1.5" deep wave guide that the tweeter uses not only controls directivity, but also moves the voice coil of the tweeter back enough to physically align it with the voice coils of the mids. So they are physically time aligned on both sides of the speaker. This means the speaker maintains a high level of accuracy on both sides. This achieves a very accurate room response. The wave guide also allows for a low crossover point to the mid-bass drivers. So vertical off axis movements don't cause any time delayed cancellation. This makes the vertical and horizontal off axis responses very even and consistent.

The kit comes with everything needed for the build. You get all the drivers, high quality crossover parts including Sonicaps, Erse inductors, and Mills resistors, high purity OFC wire, heat shrink screws, solder, screws, tube connectors, and nine sheets of No Rez. It even comes with a CNC cut flat pack. That's a complete set of cabinets in raw MDF that just needs assembly. These can be veneered or painted in any way for any look. Pictures of the CNC cut flat packs can be seen here.

The -3db of the bottom end will vary from room to room and can be as low as low 40's or as high as mid 70's. 

For handling the lower ranges our open baffle servo subs are highly recommended. See our open baffle servo sub package models 4, and 5:

CNC cut flat packs for our servo subs are also available. See them here:

See some great pictures and show coverage of the NX-Treme at the Lone Star Audio Fest by Part-Time Audiophile.

Price of the complete kit with the flat packs is $3,050 plus shipping. And yes the prices are per pair. The flat packs are shipped from Oroville, WA and there is an additional $400 fee for handling, packing, and shipping of the flat pack.

The on axis frequency response is as good as +/-2db end to end and within +/-1db over a wide range.

See the on axis response and crossover points here.
See a very good horizontal off axis response here.
The vertical off axis is outstanding. See it here.
The spectral decay is extremely fast and clean all over. See it here.
And the impedance is an easy load for any amp. See it here


Your Price: $3,050.00
Item Number: NX-Treme
Manufacturer Part No: NX-Treme


Sonicap upgrade for mid circuit
Copper by-pass cap for tweeter circuit
Foil inductor upgrade for mids

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