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Paradox 1

The Paradox 1

Due to Focal discontinuing the Tc90Tdx this model has been discontinued. Focal's new version of this tweeter is a cheap snap together piece of plastic that is in no way comparable to the older model, and it will not be used by GR Research.

This model has been replaced by our new A/V-1 model. The following is the last info made available on this model before it was discontinued.

The Paradox-1 has been once again updated! It now has an all new series network.

The series network gives the drivers the electrical control of a third order network, yet still keeping the reactive components in the signal path to a minimum.

This new series network also compensates for some baffle step loss, but does so without the use of any resistors in the woofer path that might degade the sound quality of this great little driver.

With the series network it is really hard to tell there is a separate tweeter and woofer playing. The tweeter and woofer blend together as if they were a single driver.

The electrical in phase drivers and minimum phase shift of this design help the imaging. The sound stage is very three dimensional, with width, depth, an pin point center stage focus.

The Paradox-1 uses a modified Focal Tc90Tdx. The decision to use this tweeter came only after hours of subjective listening to virtually every available tweeter. Its speed, level of detail and musical accuracy is astounding.

The woofer is our very own GR-130. It is an excellent match to the Focal tweeter. The end result is a very open, natural sound.

The Paradox-1's series crossover utilizes an air-core foil inductor and is wired point to point using only oxygen free copper wire. Plus, each connection is sealed with glue-filled heat-shrink to prevent oxidation of the wire.

We devoted hours and hours perfecting a simple and elegant design with very little in the signal path -- all in all, a labor of love.

"Truly he who equalizes the least equalizes best..."


Without a doubt we offer the most complete kits on the market. Pictured below are the parts that are included in the Paradox-1 kit. This kit is available shielded or unshielded.

This kit has it all: woofers, tweeters, foil inductors, Axon caps, OFC wire, binding post, ports, gaskets, solder, glue filled heat shrink ( for sealing all of your connections ), screws, plans, instructions.

Suggested retail price of a completed pair in Black is $1000.

Paradox-1 Specifications

  • 2-way bass reflex design
  • Proprietary series crossover network
  • 1 inch inverted titanium dome tweeter
  • M-130 5.25 inch composite paper woofer with phase plug, polymer chassis, and vented Kapton voice coil
  • Frequency response +/-1db (anechoic)
  • 3 db down point is 55 Hz
  • Sensitivity is 88 dB (1watt/1m)
  • Nominal power range 5-100 watts RMS
  • Impedance 8 ohms nominal 7.2 ohms minimal
  • enclosure 12" x 8" x 11.625" height x width x depth
  • weight 16 lbs. each

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Item Number: Paradox 1
Manufacturer: GR Research
Manufacturer Part No: Paradox 1


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