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Paradox 1+

The Paradox 1+

Due to Focal discontinuing the Tc90Tdx this model has been discontinued. Focal's new version of this tweeter is a cheap snap together piece of plastic that is in no way comparable to the older model, and it will not be used by GR Research.

This model has been replaced by our new A/V-2 model.

The Paradox1+ is the result of an effort to create a loudspeaker that can be used as a left, right, and center channel speaker in a home theater application. It performs each of these functions extremely well.

With the new digital formats, it is more important than ever to have timbre matched speakers in the system. When used with the Paradox-1 as rear surrounds, the Paradox 1+ blends into a seamlessly matched system.

"Vocals are open and natural, emanating from a point in space somewhere well behind the speakers and clearly placed in center stage. Instruments are revealed with subtlety, detail, and presence. Highs are very fast and crisp. Yet, the entire frequency range is a seamless integration from driver to driver. This speaker can really disappear into the listening room."

The Paradox-1+ has a -3db down point of 60 Hz and falls sharply below that. This makes for a seamless blend with a sub-woofer seamless. The steep, natural roll-off of the bass also removes the need to electronically remove the lows from the main speakers which often muddies the signal to the mains and is very undesirable.

The Paradox-1+ is an excellent choice for a stand alone pair, or as a sub-sat system.

The Paradox-1+ uses a modified Focal Tc90Tdx tweeter and two GR-130 woofers. It also uses foil inductors and Axon capacitors. It comes complete with absolutely everything needed for assembly except the tools. It is also very easy to put together.

Paradox-1+ Specifications

  • 2-way bass reflex design
  • Proprietary 1st order crossover
  • 1” inverted titanium dome tweeter
  • Two GR-130 5.25” woofers
  • Frequency response +/-2db
  • 3 db down point is 60 Hz
  • Sensitivity is 90.5 dB (1watt/1m)
  • Nominal power range 7-100 watts
  • RMS Impedance 8/4 ohms nominal 3.8 ohms minimal
  • enclosure 18" x 8" x 12.25" height x width x depth
  • weight 16 lbs. each

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Item Number: Paradox 1+
Manufacturer: GR Research
Manufacturer Part No: Paradox 1+


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