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Paradox 3

The Paradox 3

Due to Focal's ever changing product line we will no longer be using their tweeters. The result is the Paradox-3 is being discontinued. It is being replaced by the A/V-3.

There are no more kits available.

The Paradox-3 is an all-out effort to produce a full range 2-way design. It uses the world renowned Focal Tc120Tdx2 tweeter and two GR-165 woofers.

The Focal tweeter's reputation for detail, speed and accuracy has earned great praise (and use) from manufacturers, and speaker building hobbyists alike.

The specially designed 6.5" woofers use a lightweight composite paper cone that not only has good speed and detail through the midrange, but has a deep natural sound as well. The two paralleled 16 ohm woofers share a common air space and a unique baffle system that allows them to play smoothly and deeply without getting out of shape or losing control.


  • The -3db down point is 35 Hz.
  • The first order crossover and closely mounted drivers produce a seamless blend without any audible point sources.
  • Its smooth impedance response and high sensitivity make it ideal for low powered tube amps.

Like all the GR kits, the Paradox-3 kit comes complete with the following: woofers, tweeter, ports, OFC wire, air core foil inductors, Axon capacitors, binding post, floor spikes, heat shrink, solder, screws, wire ties, instructions, diagrams, plans, and drawings.

"Its smooth impedance response and high sensitivity make it ideal for low powered tube amps."

Enclosures are made from 3/4" MDF with Oak veneer. All corners are inlayed with solid Oak. Enclosures can be ordered in a rotary cut Oak painted in a black lacquer finish, or in linear plane sliced Oak unfinished and ready to be stained.

The suggested retail price of a completed pair with black enclosures is $2000.

Paradox-3 Specifications

  • 2-way bass reflex design
  • 1st order crossover
  • 1” inverted titanium dome tweeter
  • Two GR-165 6.5” composite paper woofers with phase plug, polymer chassis, and vented Kapton voice coil
  • Frequency response +/-1.1db (anechoic)
  • 3 db down point is 35 Hz
  • Sensitivity is 90.5 dB (1watt/1m)
  • Nominal power range 7-150 watts RMS
  • Impedance 8 ohms nominal 6.45 ohms minimal
  • enclosure 46.25" x 9" x 15.75" height x width x depth
  • weight 60 lbs. each

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Item Number: Paradox 3
Manufacturer: GR Research
Manufacturer Part No: Paradox 3


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