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The Carnegie Acoustics Pedistale

  The Pedistale is the flagship model in the Carnegie Acoustics Classic product line. The Pedistale model was designed to meet three main goals.

  First, it was designed not to look like a traditional monolithic speaker. It was designed to look like a nice piece of furniture and have the slim elegant shape of a pedestal. This gives these speakers a very high acceptance factor in regards to home furnishings and decor. 

  Secondly, the performance had to be an un-compromised design that would satisfy the most discerning of audiophiles.

  Thirdly, the Pedistale model was designed to be placed very close to a wall. This was accomplished with a rear mounted passive radiator tuned lower than the nominal tuning frequency. This allows the gain from the wall coupling to be at a frequency range where output is already down in amplitude. This allows for an even and smooth response with no room boom. 

  The Pedistale speakers are ideal for the home theater applications 
especially when paired up with the Centrare center channel and Davanti mini monitors. 

  The Pedistale speakers are beautifully finished in a high gloss piano black. This is typically a finish quality not seen at this price point.

  The grills are held on magnetically and can easily be removed or placed back on the speaker without the fear or concern of breaking any small plastic fasteners typically used by most speaker companies. The grills easily snap in place and self align.  

  The Pedistale is a two way design using two 5.25" paper cone woofers and 
a true 1" silk dome tweeter. Tuning is made using a signal 8" passive radiator located on the back panel of the speaker. 

The frequency response is within +/-2db from 45Hz to 20kHz. 
The -3db down point is 38Hz. 
Sensitivity is 89db 1 watt/1 meter. 
The nominal impedance is 8 ohms. 
They are 42.5" tall by 15" wide and 15" deep. 
Weight is 65 pounds per speaker. 

  The Pedistale speakers come double boxed and are well packaged in blocks of foam to insure they arrive un-damaged. 

  Each speaker is further protected by a beautiful embroidered velour bag.   

  The Pedistale speakers use the Electra Cable tube connectors over tradition binding posts for improved signal transfer and clarity. These are located on the bottom side of the speaker to keep a clean look all around. 

  The Pedistale speakers come with rollers on the bottom to make moving them around easy. The also come with some really nice floor spikes that can be used to replace the rollers once you have them where you want them. They even include a small wrench for removing and installing the rollers and floor spikes.

Priced per pair at $899. These retailed for $2,999 a pair. 


List Price: $2,999.00
Your Price: $899.00
You Save: $2,100.00 (70 %)
Item Number: Pedistale
Manufacturer Part No: Pedistale

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