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SA-1 Subwoofer Amp   Sold Out

The SA-1 amp will output 200 watts into 4 ohms and 110 watts into 8 ohms.

It is also very small and will fit on the back panel of even a narrow shaped speaker. It measures only 7.125" wide and 10.625" tall.

It has a removable IEC and will work with 110 to 120 volts or 220 to 240 volt power.

It also has high level and low level inputs so it can be sent a signal via RCA or speaker level inputs. There is also a LFE input (via RCA) that will completely by-pass the crossover controls and shaping circuit.

The really unique thing about this amp is the output response. A special gain circuit has been designed that will mirror image the roll off of a sealed box or open baffle design.

See our in house measured output:

The lines above show various setting on the infinitely adjustable crossover control.

See also measurements made by the manufacturing company with the crossover set on the minimum and the maximum settings.

As you can see, with this amp, you can get a -3db in the low 20's with the right open baffle woofers or sealed box woofers. It is also ideal for use with our SW-12B woofers:

There is also a high pass filter built in to keep from over driving the sub with information below 20Hz.

These amps will also come with the new V-2 loudspeaker kit seen here:

The price is now $149.


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Item Number: SA-1
Manufacturer: GR Research
Manufacturer Part No: SA-1


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