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At GR Research we offer a wide range of services available to a wide range of customers. We do design work for other loudspeaker companies as well as individuals.

We offer services involving product line development from inception to completion. We work with other companies to develop proprietary drivers. We have great resources for finding and sourcing enclosure manufacturers and component producers as well. However, our real field of specialization is in crossover network design and development. We use the latest Clio measuring system for all measurements. We also specialize in listening, analyzing, and evaluating a product in whatever way necessary to take it to the next level.

Our designs have received outstanding reviews and have been featured or mentioned in nearly every major publication of our industry and received some of our industries highest awards. Reviews have also been featured in many on line publications as well, but our best reviews have been from our customers. They can be found in audio forums all over the Internet. We are most proud of those.

We also offer a wide range of services for individuals including designing and building one off custom speakers, assistance with customer designed DIY efforts, or modifying or upgrading other commercially available designs. We do a lot of mod work on a lot of different speakers. So if you are thinking about taking your current speakers to the next level then feel free to ask us about it. We may have already modified a pair just like them.

If you would like to know how your speaker measures up. Send it to us. We will take all measurements and send it back to you at no charge. The customer is responsible for the shipping charges both ways.

Below are some of the awards that our designs have received over the last few years.