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Servo Sub kit 4

The Servo Sub kit 4

This combination uses a pair of the SW-12-16FR woofers and the A370PEQ servo amp. The A370PEQ amp as a lot of features and flexibility that allows this system to do anything. Damping can be adjusted as well as the low end extension. There is even a one band EQ that allows adjust-ability of a narrow or wide band. Complete control over phase makes blending to main speakers easy as well. 

Open baffle bass drivers load the room much differently that a typical sealed or ported box design. A sealed or ported box design tends to pressurize the room and can cause significant room boom. An open baffle design moves the air in the room quickly from one side to the other with a cancellation pattern that is 90 degrees off axis. This radiation pattern minimizes room boom and allows less coloration of the lower bass ranges. 

However typical open baffle drivers create an early roll off and have limited low frequency output. To overcome this problem lower Fs drivers with high moving masses are used to extend the lower ranges. However, the heavy moving mass causes long settling times due to the stored energy of the heavy mass. So bass becomes slow and sloppy. 

The combination of open baffle and servo control changes everything. Heavy moving masses are no longer needed as the servo control system extends the lower ranges and maintains a linear response by comparing cone movement to the input signal and making adjustments as needed. So the lower range can play flat to 20Hz and hit -3db levels in the teens. It is also completely adjustable. In addition the servo control system adds an electrical stopping force to give a level of control that is well beyond even the best uncontrolled woofers. Settling times are very fast allowing very high resolution and detail levels that are not possible with any other woofers regardless of price. 

This kit can be wired with left and right inputs for mono playback. But it is very popular to run this combination on the left and on the right as a stereo pair. If you want to run a stereo pair then change the quantity listed below from 1 to 2. 

The amplifier can be mounted separately and connected via a Neutrik 4 pole cable connector. These are also available. If you need floor spikes they can be added as well. 

The recommend cabinet design for these is a H or W frame design. 

See open baffle cabinet plans for the W frame design here

See open baffle cabinet plans for the H frame design here

Flat packs (CNC cut MDF) are also available to simplify construction. Click here to see flat pack options. 

Lining the cabinet walls with No Rez really helps minimize cabinet resonances and provides a cleaner and smoother sound. A pair of double cabinets will require 3 sheets. 

Currently only the A370PEQ3 and A370XRL3 amps are the only amps available. These models have a limiter setting that reduces overload of subwoofer arisen from large signal surge and is recommended for HT. They are $40 more than the standard amps. 

Your Price: $959.00
Item Number: Servo Sub kit 4
Manufacturer Part No: Servo Sub kit 4


Add Brass floor spikes
Add Neutrik Connectors

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