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Skinny 6's

The Skinny 6's
Out of stock until we get in more LGK drivers. 

The Skinny 6's were designed for small to medium sized rooms with little to no room treatment. The 3" full range LGK drivers have a limited off axis response in the top octave that minimizes room reflections that would typically make a speaker sound hot in the top end. These are also great for near field listening and can be placed close to the front wall. 

The Skinny 6's are the imaging and sound stage masters. With next to nothing for surface reflections there is little to no perception of sound coming directly from the speaker itself. There is also a rear firing driver that improves imaging and spacial ques. This helps allow the music to fill the room much more naturally and similar to that of an open baffle speaker. 

The rear firing driver covers the upper ranges only so as not to cause any comb filtering effects with the front facing drivers. And the forward facing upper driver crosses to the four below using a low order crossover and crossing at 340Hz. So most of the frequency range is handled by a single wide band driver.

The Skinny 6's are rear ported with a -3db down point near 70Hz. And above that range the bass response is very tight and fast. They handle power really well too. 

When matched with high quality electronics, and moved well out into the room, the Skinny 6's can really shine. They are also great home theater speakers and match well with budget level home theater receivers.

The complete kit includes all drivers, crossover parts, tube connectors, wire, solder, screws, heat shrink, floor spikes, and ports. High quality parts including Sonicaps and Erse XQ inductors are used throughout. And these are a bargain at only $699 per pair. 

See more pics of the Skinny 6's here.


Your Price: $699.00
Item Number: Skinny 6's
Manufacturer: GR Research
Manufacturer Part No: Skinny 6's

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