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Super-V kits have been sold out

 P-Audio is no longer making the drivers that were used in the upper section of this speaker. 

Super-V picThe Super-V is the end result of a progression of related effort that came forward from the development of the V-1 (or Venue model). The Super-V took everything to a new level across the board. This speaker does anything and everything to new performance levels. Dynamics, vocal ranges, transparency, bass response and low bass extension are all areas that excel and exceed almost any other speaker available today.

Being a full open baffle speaker, and with the adjustability of the lower ranges, this one of the most room friendly speakers that we have ever offered. Being an all open baffle speaker does mean that you really must have the speaker about 3 feet or more out from the wall behind it, but everything else about a open baffle speaker makes it very room friendly as it does not load the room like a typical boxed speaker design. These speakers can be listened to in a very near field arrangement or fill a large room with concert level performance.

Each speaker uses a modified coaxial driver from P-Audio. It is their top level driver. The rear back cup on the tweeter is milled out to make it completely open baffle as well. This relaxes the upper ranges and allows them to give the listener the feel of instruments and performers really being there in the room rather than having the sound played back from a box.

The Super-V has 97db sensitivity and is an easy 8 ohm load. So they can be driven easily with even single digit amps. And your amp only has to drive the upper coaxial driver. The two 12" servo controlled subs in the bottom of each speaker is powered by their own A370PEQ amplifier. The amplifiers are also included in the kit.

We guarantee that there is no other speaker available at any price point with better sounding bass response. The Super-V is not only super fast and controlled by the servo system, but also plays flat to 20Hz and is -3db down in the teens. No other open baffle speaker on the market has that level of performance.

The kit comes complete with everything that you need for this build minus the cabinets. It includes all the drivers, crossover parts, wire, solder, screws, heat shrink, floor spikes, connectors, servo amplifiers, etc. Wire is high quality OFC in polyethylene. Electra Cable tube connectors are used instead of binding posts. And all of the crossover parts are top level Sonicaps, Erse XQ inductors, Mills resistors, etc. 

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Here are some good Super-V pics.

Cabinet plans can be seen here.



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