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Super Servo Sub kits

Massive servo sub towers

Our servo controlled systems can also be configured for using four or even six SW-12-16FR woofers per side with the HX800 dual channel servo amplifier. 

Seen here is a stack of six SW-12-16FR woofers per side in towers used with GT Audio Works latest open baffle panel speakers. 

We are all about quality and not quantity when it comes to bass reproduction. But if you need quantity we can give you that without giving up quality. We don't believe in using larger and heavier drivers for reaching higher SPL levels. Large heavier drivers have heavier moving masses that slow settling times and causes smearing and sloppy bass. So to increase SPL levels we use more of the smaller and faster 12" servo woofers. 

And with more drivers sharing the load each driver moves less to hit the same SPL levels compared to hitting the same SPL levels with fewer drivers. Reduced exertion levels also mean faster settling times and cleaner sound.   

So whether you need a little bass or a lot of bass for you application. Or if you are looking for the highest level of quality possible for bass reproduction, then we have you covered. Give us a call to discuss your needs. GR Research: 940-592-3400

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