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SW-12B Sub Woofer  Sold Out

The SW-12B fills several applications. It can be used as a woofer in three way designs playing up to a 500Hz range and can be used as a sub-woofer.

One of the main objectives of the woofer was to have good sound quality. Second was for it to play down to a low -3db level and do so in a small box with decent sensitivity.

The SW-12B works well in a ported or sealed box. Optimal ported is 2.3 cubic feet of air space and only 1.2 cubic feet of air space sealed.  

Since sound quality was high on the priority list, a treated paper cone material was chosen as well as a dust cap made from the same material.

The SW-12B has a vented voice coil to the outside and is vented through the pole piece.

A large 1.5" rolled surround was used to minimize any cone flex as the limit of the X-max is approached. This will reduced distortion that occurs from cone flexing.

We are not big believers in playing woofers to levels that force really high X-max's. Long exertions equals high distortion. If you want to move more air than one woofer can provide at half of its X-max limits, then the use of more than one woofer is recommend. The SW-12B uses an 8 ohm voice coil to make it easy to run a pair of woofers on one plate amp.

SW-12B parameters:

Mechanical Parameters:

  • Fs = 18.6 hertz
  • Qms = 3.707
  • Vas = 5.05 cu.ft or 142.8 liters
  • Cms = 0.0688 in/Ib
  • Mms = 6.47 oz or 183.5 grams
  • Rms = 12.94 Ibs/sec
  • Xmax = 16 mm
  • Sd = 72.5 or Dia = 9.6 in or 244 mm

Electrical Parameters:

  • Qes = 0.38
  • Re = 6.7 ohms
  • Le = 3.9 mH
  • Z = 8.0 ohms
  • BL = 19.4
  • Pe = 200.0 watts

Combination Parameters:

  • Qts = 0.344
  • Sens = 85.8 dB (2.83 V)

An ideal amp for use with a 1.2 cubic foot sealed box is our SA-1 amp.

For ported boxes there are recommended plate amps from Apex Jr.  and Rythmik Audio.

Box with PR. 


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