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The V-2 (or Venuette model) This kit is no longer available in this form as we no longer have stock on the SA-1 amps. 


The V-2 is a spin off of the V-1 (or Venue model). The V-2 is extremely versatile and works well in any sized room. Even really small rooms are no problem as the full open baffle design does not pressure load the room. The fully adjustable controls of the SA-1 amp easily allows anyone to get a balanced response in any room.

Like any open baffle speaker you do need to have the flexibility of moving them at least three feet out into the room, and more if possible.

It uses the P-Audio BM8CXA coaxial driver in the upper section and a pair of 12" Eminence woofers in the bottom end. The lower 12" woofers are turned in a 45 degree angle to minimize the cabinet width and minimize any surface reflections from around the upper driver.

The performance of this speaker greatly exceeds perception. We guarantee that you will be hard pressed to beat it even if spending a lot more money. 

Additional information can be found in this thread at the Audio Circle.

The transform circuit built into the SA-1 amp allows it to reach a -3db down point in the mid 20's. Then a rumble filter sharply removes the output at 20Hz to protect the lower woofers from being over driven.

Another area of excellence is the extremely transparent and open sound throughout the mid-range. Vocals especially are top notch.

Your amp only actually powers the upper section of the speaker and it is an easy 8 ohm load. It also has a high 93db average sensitivity so you can easily power it with low powered amps.

The V-2 kit comes with everything you need aside from tools and cabinet materials.

Crossover components include Erse XQ inductors. Caps are a combination of Erse poly caps and Sonicaps. Resistors are Mills and Lynk. It comes with two SA-1 amps. The kit also includes eight, solid Brass floor spikes, OFC wire, screws, solder, tube connectors and heat shrink are also included.


The cabinet plans can be see here. They are actually very easy to build. MDF is recommended but solid wood side panels can be added. 3/4" material is a minimum recommended thickness for the sides. Thicker is better.

Lining the inside edges of the lower cabinet with No Rez is also highly recommended. This will further reduce cabinet resonances and give you cleaner and tighter bass response.

Also, a complete "how to" on the crossover assembly was posted here. So just follow the plans and even the assembly of the crossover is easy to do. There are many more great pictures there as well.

We now use the new patent pending Electra Tube Connectorsas the standard speaker wire connectors for all of our kits as they are superior to all current binding posts. These have a $59 a set retail value. The standard internal wire is a high purity solid core 16 gauge with a polyethylene jacket. Check them out!

The kit includes everything pictured here plus Brass floor spikes.

Prices are per pair. Click here for enclosure plans.


Your Price: $1,095.00
Item Number: V-2
Manufacturer: GR Research
Manufacturer Part No: V-2


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