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X-CS Classic

The X-CS Classic Kit

X-CS Center channel kit

With the success the X-LS design there was a strong demand for a matching center channel version. So the X-CS was created, and is now made available as a kit. The original design was released through AV123. 

The X-CS uses a pair of 16 ohm woofers in parallel to maintain an easy to drive 8 ohm impedance. This also brings the sensitivity up to 90db. The frequency response of the original samples were as good as +/-1db. So these speakers offer a very smooth and accurate response that is well above the industry standard. The tweeter is the same soft dome tweeter that is used in the X-LS Classic. The crossover is fully assembled with good quality air core inductors, polypropylene capacitors, and wire wound non-inductive resistors. Also included is a high quality OFC wire in polyethylene, binding post cup, solder, screws, and heat shrink. 

The X-CS Classic is a sealed box design and can be placed into entertainment systems or near the front wall. 

The X-CS Classic can also be built into a larger optimal ported box and used as left and right main speakers. This version was originally released as the X-MTM Classic. 

The X-MTM Classic version is a rear ported design that extends the -3db down point to 40Hz. 

So to build a pair of the X-MTM Classics just order a pair of the X-CS Classic kits with the X-MTM option. The X-MTM option adds additional wiring needed for the longer runs, two 2" ports, and a set of Brass floor spikes. The X-MTM option is an additional $25 per speaker. 

The X-CS Classic and X-MTM Classic is an incredible combination that delivers great sound with good sensitivity levels and an impedance load that any home theater receiver will have no problems driving.  

See the X-MTM Classic cabinet plans here. 

See measured frequency response showing +/-1db response. 
Here is that same response curve on an industry standard 10db scale. 
This chart shows individual driver responses and the crossover point. 
Here a very clean spectral decay can be seen. 
And here is the impedance curve pf the sealed box X-CS version. 

These are priced at $79 per speaker. They are priced individually because they are used as single center channel speakers. If you need a pair of them please order two units. 

Your Price: $79.00
Item Number: X-CS C
Manufacturer: GR Research
Manufacturer Part No: X-CS C


X-MTM Classic version

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