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X-LS Classic kit

X-LS Classic kit

The X-LS speaker was originally designed for AV123. The concept of this speaker was to produce a well designed model that could be produce at a low cost in high volumes. The X-LS would then be sold at or near cost as a loss leader concept. The idea was to offer a performance level that could not be touched by any competitor even at considerably high price points. It was felt that giving away tons of these speakers at such a low price point would be better advertising than purchasing thousands of dollars worth of ads. The concept worked great and thousands of them were sold.
X-LS in Rosewood
X-LS in MapleThe X-LS speakers were also sent out to some of the major print and on line review magazines where they received outstanding reviews and many industry awards. Reviews can be found at Audioholics, Affordable Audio, Home Theater and High Fidelity, GoodSound, Tone Audio, Consumer Guide,, and several others. They received two Product of the Year awards, a Best Buy award, and a Budget Speaker of the Year award.

With the release of the X-LS speaker a small 8" sub-woofer was also released under the same concept. The success of these models then drove the development of an entire X-Series product line that brought this same high level value into higher performance ranges with more refined and larger floor standing models.

Several years later when AV123 closed the doors the manufacturer of the X-Series products were left sitting on tons of inventory. That inventory was then sent here to GR Research so that these models could be offered as kits. So as these kits are sold proceeds for the sale are sent to the manufacturer to cover their investment cost. So these kits are priced really low to increase sales volume and recover investment cost. And the consumer gets more performance for their dollar than with any other kits offered by any company.

The X-LS kit, now referred to as the Classic version, uses a very high quality M-165 woofer and soft dome tweeter. The crossovers are fully assembled making installation fast and easy. Crossover parts are high quality using all air core inductors, poly caps, and non-inductive wire wound resistors. Even the wiring used in this kit is the same high quality OCF solid core in polyethylene that we use in our top level designs. Ports, binding posts cups, screws, heat shrink, and solder is also included.

The X-LS is a small rear ported design. -3db down point is 55Hz with a slight peak in the lower range. X-LS cabinet plans can be seen here. Sensitivity is 87db. 

The standard X-LS Classic kit is only $109. This for a pair of speakers. And this low price makes the X-LS kit one of the best deals in the audio industry.

X-SLSThe X-LS was also released as a small floor standing version using a larger optimal ported enclosure. With this version the -3db down point is 45Hz and the low end roll off is very smooth. This version was released as the X-SLS. Cabinet plans for that version can be seen here.
The X-SLS version can be ordered here as an option. It includes more wire and a set of brass floor spikes. All else is the same. The cost of the X-SLS option is an additional $40.

X-SLS canbinet plans can be seen here.

The frequency response of the X-LS is extremely smooth and within a +/-1.5db range over its whole range. See it here.
Here it is on a more industry standard 10db scale.
The crossover point is at 2kHz. See individual driver curves here.
The nominal impedance is 8 ohms. See impedance curve here.
The spectral decay is also very clean. See it here.


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X-SLS version

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jeffh (GA) 5/16/2013 10:54 AM
Great speakers, Great value. You cannot beat these for the price. Cabinet is simple to build.