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X-LS Encore kit

X-LS Encore Kit

The X-LS Encore came about as a direct result of the success of the X-LS Classic design. As the X-LS Classic was setting new performance standards for a mini-monitor in a budget price point, and winning industry awards with every review. It was also rivaling and bettering many speakers in much higher price points. So AV123 (the company producing the X-LS Classic) asked the questions, how far could the performance of this speaker go if the production budget were increased? What would need to be done to it for it to compete with any mini-monitor design regardless of price? 

The strength of the X-LS Classic was its woofer. The M-165 woofer had a very smooth and accurate response that needed very few components in the signal path to control it. And it had a beautiful mid-range and clean bass response. The crossover parts used were also very good. The tweeter, while very good, was not one of the worlds best dome tweeters. So an obvious choice was to upgrade the tweeter. Looking at the best available dome tweeters, the Peerless T26SG was selected for its low Fs, high sensitivity, well damped rear chamber, high quality materials, high quality workmanship, and a really smooth response. Resolution levels with this tweeter are very high as well, and one of the best the industry has to offer in this regard. 

Another upgrade to the Encore version was to by-pass all of the poly caps in the tweeter circuit with Gen.1 Sonicap by-pass caps. This further increased detail levels and allowed for a more distinct space between the notes as the fast discharge by-pass caps help reduce smearing. 

As designed the X-LS Encore speakers began beating up the competition. It was also an ideal platform for additional modifications and tweaks. An X-LS Encore with point to point wired crossovers using all Sonicaps, Mills resistors, foil inductors and lined with No Rez won the StereoMojo small speaker shoot out in 2007. 

When AV123 closed the doors GR Research wound up with the remaining inventory form the manufacturer. To allow the manufacturer to re-coop their investment of parts cost we are blowing these out as kits and at price points well below their true value. So the value level on these is exceptionally high. 

The X-LS Encore (like the Classic version) is an 8 ohm load and has 87db sensitivity. The -3db down point is 55Hz. The low 1.8kHz crossover point allows for a great driver integration and consistent phase relationship of the drivers over a wide vertical range. The vertical and horizontal off axis is excellent so the in room response is very smooth and consistent. 

The frequency response is as smooth as +/-1.5db and better than +/-1 through most of its range. See it here.
Horizontal off axis taken at 0, 10, 20, 30, and 40 degrees off axis. 
Vertical off axis response shows a great phase relationship over a very wide range. 
The spectral decay is also extraordinarily clean.
And the impedance curve shows a nominal 8 ohm load, and 43Hz tuning. 

The X-LS Encore kit comes with everything you need minus cabinet material. So assembling the speakers are very easy and at a beginner to novice level. Parts used in the crossover for the basic kit (no upgrades) are all Erse polypropylene caps, non-inductive wire wound resistors, Erse XQ air core inductors, and Gen. 2 Sonicap by-pass caps. The crossover requires point to point assembling. The kit comes with binding post cups, ports, high quality OFC wire in polyethylene, screws, solder and heat shrink. 

The X-LS Encore kit is only $249. And yes they are priced per pair

The X-LS Encore was also released as a small floor standing speaker with an optimal ported air space. This version was tuned lower allowing a -3db down point of 45Hz. This version is called the X-SLS Encore. This version is also a good choice because speaker stands are not needed. The lower section of the cabinet can also be sand filled for added stability. 

The X-SLS version of the kit includes additional wire and two sets of Brass floor spikes. The X-SLS option adds $40 to the kit cost.

Additional upgrades for the X-LS include a Sonicap upgrade. The Sonicaps increase clarity across the board and improve resolution levels. The Sonicap upgrade is $105.

The resistors can also be upgraded to Mills resistors. This also improves clarity, The Mills resistor upgrade is $45. 

The X-LS can also be improved by upgrading the binding post cups to the Electra Cable tube connectors. The tube connectors are the highest quality connectors currently on the market. They offer improved clarity across the board and are extremely easy to install. The tube connector upgrade is $50.

You might also want to add a sheet of No Rez. See No Rez. 


Your Price: $249.00
Item Number: X-LS E


X-SLS version
Sonicap upgrade
Mills resistor upgrade
Tube connector upgrade

Product Reviews

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X-LS Encore
Qi Dang (Union CIty, CA) 11/8/2015 10:45 AM
I built two sets of speakers with this kit, and I must say that I like them better than my Lxmini.
Exceptional Value!
Kevin Craft (Loveland, CO) 6/21/2015 9:43 AM
I found a set of Thiel CS1 cabinets and was going to replace just the drivers but not having much luck finding any suitable replacements and Thiel wanting an arm and a leg for replacements I decided on a kit. Not wanting to spend much for this project and after much searching I decided on this kit. The Thiels are a .8 cu ft sloped back design and utilize a small wave guide in the grill and are meant to be used with the grills in place. had to do some fitting to get the tweeters in place. the cross overs just barely fit and had to do some trimming on the woofer section of the grill. From first listening I was completely impressed and I have had a bunch of high end speakers in my life. From first listening they just simply disappeared, The tweeter is detailed accurate and non fatiguing at all. The mid woofer is natural sounding, vocals come across smooth, detailed and fast. I can certainly hear things that you cannot hear on some high end speakers. They just got better from there, I have about 20 hrs on them and they keep on impressing me. I did use the supplied port and bass response is simply awesome for a 6 1/2" woofer and then some. Not sloppy in the slightest. These kits make me re-think audio, build your own pay 1/4 or less compared to "high end" gourmet companies, and have something truly amazing.