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X-Statik Kit

The X-Statik Kit

The X-Statik represents the top model in the X-Series product line. As a completed product once produced by AV123 it  was reviewed by Affordable Audio, AV Guide, Gear Patrol, Audioholics, and the Absolute Sound, winning their Top Value award and an Editors Choice award. Stereo Mojo also gave it a Best of Show at RMAF 2008. 

It is now available in a kit form and can be built out for a fraction of the cost of it in completed form. The kits includes everything but the cabinets and uses the M-165-16 woofers and the highly acclaimed T26SG tweeter. Crossover parts are high quality throughout. Crossover must be assembled and are to be point to point wired.The kit also includes brass floor spikes, binding post cups, wire, screws, solder, and heat shrink. 

The X-Statik speakers are 8 ohms and have 91db sensitivity. -3db down is 48Hz for an average room. 

The X-Statik is an open baffle hybrid design that allows the two upper mid-bass drivers to operate on an open baffle and utilizing a sealed box design for the lower woofers. This allows an extremely clean and transparent mid-range that is un-matched with boxed speaker designs. The lower woofers produce a tight and well controlled bass with good power handling. This alignment also allows easy blending of the lower range with external sub-woofers. 

They are ideal for two channel and home theater applications. Note though that like any open baffle speaker they must be placed at least three feet or more away from the front wall so as not to cause an early reflection. 

A Sonicap and Mills resistor upgrade will take clarity and detail levels into the leagues of the cost no object speakers. Cost of the Mills resistor and Sonicap upgrade is $185 for the pair. 

The X-Statik can also be improved by upgrading the binding post cups to the Electra Cable Tube Connectors. The tube connectors are the highest quality connectors currently on the market. They offer improved clarity across the board and are extremely easy to install. The tube connector upgrade is $50.

See cabinet plans. The price listed as $669 is for a pair of speakers. 

Your Price: $669.00
Item Number: X-Statik
Manufacturer: GR Research
Manufacturer Part No: X-Statik


Sonicap and Mills resistor upgrade
Tube Connector upgrade

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