Passion for High Quality Audio

GR-Research began in 1995 as a passion for high quality audio turned business venture. We are driven by a desire for excellence and expect nothing less than to turn the next page in mainstream loudspeaker design. We offer many high quality loudspeakers in kit form. We have high quality crossover components and accessories for any project. We have our own proprietary line of drivers that are used in our designs. We also provide a wide range of design services from complete commercial product line design to assistance with individual custom products and upgrades.

DIY Speaker Kits

Starting at $199, we offer a wide range of speaker kits for all hifi enthusiasts.

DIY Speaker Cables

Starting at $9.75, we offer DIY Audiophile cables for hifi enthusiasts.

DIY Subwoofer Kits

Direct Servo kits for sealed and open baffle H frame applications.

High Performance Drivers

We offer high resolution drivers for DIY projects and speaker kits.

Speaker Upgrades

We offer upgrades for many brands that will elevate your stock speaker.

Audiophile Power Cords

We offer audiophile power cords that will enhance your systems performance.

DIY Loudpeaker kits

GR-Research offers a wide range of high resolution “end game” Speaker Kits. Starting with high end parts, wire and components, we are confident our kits will give a true musical experience. Whether its our LGK, X, NX or SUB Series, our kits will provide years of enjoyable listening, we guarantee it!

Speaker Upgrades

So, you bought yourself fancy new speakers only to find out they are loaded with cheese? Not a problem! GR-Research is dedicated to helping you upgrade your speakers with high end components and corrected crossovers. We will help you transform your speakers to an elevated listening experience.

YouTube Videos Every Week

Thats right folks! Each week we have new YouTube videos that cover speaker upgrades, technical discussions and so much more! If you aren’t subscribed, we invite you to do so!

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Awards and Recognition

We offer a wide range of services available to a wide range of customers. We do design work for other loudspeaker companies as well as individuals. Contact us for more information. 1-940-592-3400