The Archive

A collection of older models we offered in the past.
None of these models are available for purchase, this page simply offers a look at past models, which came in a wide variety of sizes & designs.

Paradox Series

The Paradox line was our first series of DIY kits, using a Focal tweeter and an early version of the M165 woofer.

This kit came in 3 versions, the Paradox 1 bookshelf, Paradox 1+ monitors, an the Paradox 3 towers.

A/V series

The AV series was our first offering using all custom drivers including the smaller 5.25″ M130 Woofer. This series started with the A/V1, AV3 towers and AV3S center, later followed up with the A/VO and AV4 towers. the latter of whuch included a 12″ powered subwoofer and passive radiator built into the side of each tower.

Some of these models have been moved to the X-series under the “Bravo” name using the T26 tweeter. 

“Classic” X-Series

When the X-Series was first developed for AV123, they used a very different tweeter to the later “Encore” versions. It still offered a clean response, but lacked the lower end extension of the current T-26 tweeter. When the switch to the “Encore” tweeter was made, the models with the original tweeter were dubbed “Classic” models. 

Lucidity Series

A joint venture between GR-Research and CSS Audio, the Lucidity series was offered in tow Models, the Criterion and the Diluceo.

They used the The CSS ARG2 ribbon tweeter paired with the Eton 5-880/25 HEX-b woofers.

They were offered as both kits and completed speakers using high-quality components, namely Alpha-core foil inductors, Sonicaps and Mills resistors, designed to be cost no-object mini-monitors.


Looking for a step up in clarity, the N-series kits offered a lot of the same designs as the A/V series, exchanging the soft-dome tweeter for a BG Neo 3 PDRW tweeter which offered improved clarity and speed.

A pair of N-1Xs are currently used in the shop on a daily basis for music.

Support for this series ended when the tweeters used in these models became unavailable.


The OB (Open Baffle) series grew from an exploration into open baffle speaker designs, offering a much more open, spacious and natural soundstage than traditional speaker designs. Like the N-series they also use the Neo 3 PDRW tweeter with the M130 woofers.

This was a hybrid design using sealed tweeters and lower woofers offering the midrange in an open panel above the main chassis.

The last model in the series was the OB-7 “Plus” which included a powered subwoofer on the bottom.

The OB-5 is the direct predecessor to the X-Statik.


LGK 1.0 Series 

The original LGK series started with the mini monitor, focused around a single, custom 3 inch wide-band driver. Later, the “Skinny 6” towers & “Flat 5” designed as narrow home theater speakers, ideal where space is at a premium.

Last was the “Wedgie,” a stand mount open-baffle mini monitor using four LGK drivers around a Neo3 in a waveguide. When paired with dual or triple open-baffle subs, they were tough combo to beat, offering exceptional imaging and soundstage performance.

Serenity Series

The Serenity series was a line of speakers originally designed for Serenity Acoustics.

They featured the BG Neo3 & Neo10 planar magnetic drivers, providing unparalleled speed and clarity with high efficiency, and open-baffle servo subwoofers taking control from 200Hz to 20Hz. Unfortunately, when BG sold to Kristie Digital, they also stopped producing drivers for the OEM and retail markets, making these models quite rare finds.

The last model was the “Super Mini”, a 2-way planar mini-monitor designed to set atop three 8″ servo subs.

Line Source series

Our journey into line-source speakers started with the LS-Alpha in the early 2000s, which was followed up by the LS6 & LS9 designed for AV-123. An open-baffle design was also developed for Mockingbird Audio.

Carnegie Acoustics

A handful of speakers were custom designed for Carnegie Acoustic largely based on the A/V and N-series kits offering piano finishes to be sold at retail stores. 
By the time they were made available, the market was already drastically changing, where stores no longer stocked speakers in-house, instead showing them off on consignment, to be shipped and delivered directly from the manufacturer.

They ended up being sold direct to the consumer at a substantial discount.

Venue Series

The Venue-series of high-effeciency, open-baffle speakers were developed around P-Audio coaxial drivers. It started with the V-1, which used a 12″ coaxial, and a pair of 12″ servo subwoofers.
The V-2 followed up as a smaller, passive & budget-friendly version using an 8″ coax up top & a pair of 12″ Eminence “Acoustinator” woofers.

Last was the Super-V which was an custom version of the V-1, using a 2.5″ open-back compression tweeter.

Desktop Mini

Created as a “loss-leader”, the Desktop Mini was designed to be an entry level DIY speaker for those who wanted to get started in DIY on a budget. The Mini was offered at a starting price of $199. It was designed around a 5″ Aluminum woofer & 0.75 inch aluminum tweeter.
The kit included the option of a flatpack, and assembled or finished cabinets. 

Due to the number of tweeters available, we never expanded this series beyond this model, a small number of remaining tweeters are kept as spares.

The 5″ woofer would go on to be used in the new LGK 2.0 line, including the LGK 2.1, 2,2 and 2.4 models.