Refund Policy

  • If orders are placed and then canceled prior to shipping we refund the amount that we receive on the order including shipping charges, not including the 3% transaction fees.
  • If a received order is returned for a refund, that item must be returned in original condition.
  • Used items can not be returned for a refund.
  • If the item is returned in new condition we will refund the full amount we received for the returned item.
  • We do not refund shipping charges on items after they have been shipped, and we do not refund transaction fees.


Custom Orders (Finished cables, cabinets, and speakers)

(Applies to all orders placed on or after August 11)

All fully completed cables, finished cabinets, and speakers are all custom built to order.

  • Full-refunds are only possible if cancelled within 24- hours.  (standard 3% cancellation fee still applies)
  • Partial Refund: Once assembly has begun on your order, only a partial refund is possible up, to the remaining cost of labor and materials at time of cancellation.
  • No refunds OR cancellations at, or after, the time of completion/delivery.

Please contact us if you have any questions, or changes, before you place your custom order.