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Please read the FAQ below before contacting us. If required, just give us a call at 1-940-592-3400. We start answering calls after 10:00 am CST. You can also email us using the form below. We try to respond to emails as quickly as possible. Typical turnaround time is 24-48 hours.

I want to use a high-pass filter on my system. Do you make them? What information do you need?

Unfortunately, we cannot make them.
However, we can get you the necessary information needed to make them.

There are 3 things we will need to know when helping you make a high-pass filter:

  • Input impedance of your power amp (typically 10,000-100,000 ohm)
  • Desired -3dB roll-off point (Ex: 40Hz, 70Hz)
  • RCA or XLR

This will allow us to calculate the capacitor value needed for your desired roll off.
The values are quite small, and we always recommend getting the best quality capacitor you can as your entire signal is passing through this capacitor. We typically recommend copper-foil caps like Miflex KPCU03 or KFPM or from other notable brands like Deulund JDM, Jupiter, V-Cap etc depending on the sound you are shooting for.


If you change amplifiers, the filters will need to change as well.
The capacitor value will need to be adjusted according to the input impedance of the new amplifier.

High-pass filters cannot be used with integrated amplifiers. (Unless they are connected to a separate power amplifier(s))

AV-Receivers typically have a high-pass filter already built into them by setting the speaker size to “small.” Some my also offer edjustable roll off points. recommended range is 70Hz for bookshelf speakers, and 40-60 lower for large tower speakers.

What will it cost to upgrade my speakers?

We don’t know. We are not psychic so here is the deal. In order for us to tell you anything about your speakers we need one of them here. That means, you must ship one to us. If you send us an email asking us how much it will cost to upgrade your speakers and hope we can just guess what it needs and what it will cost, it’s gonna be a waste of time for both of us. If you still have questions, then send us an email.

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes, we do ship all over the world! If you need assistance with shipping quotes, please make sure you provide all the items you would like to purchase and the full shipping address! We cannot give a shipping quote without this information. Thank you! 

Can you upgrade my crossover?
So, you want to upgrade all those cheesy parts? Sure we supply you with everything that you need, but before you send us an email asking how much, you must send us your crossover or schematic! We need to know every single value for every component. We cant guess as to what your network needs until we see it! Still have questions? Okay, you can send us an email. 
What time can I call you?
You can give us a call anytime after 10:00 am Central Standard Time. We typically stop taking calls around 6pm CST.
Is the price for one speaker or the pair?
Heck, if we got a dollar every time someone asked this question, we would buy every Klipsch speaker ever made, fix em’ all and make a killing! Seriously though, unless its a center channel (duh), the price you pay for any kit or upgrade is for… the PAIR!
Can you upgrade or repair my speakers for me?
As much as we would love the free time to work on 100’s of speakers we just don’t have the time or man power to dedicate towards assembly work. But, we do have some great DIY kits that you might want to consider.
Can you install your upgrades for me?
The short answer is no. We send out a schematic for all our kits and upgrades with all the necessary components, wire etc to solder it together. We don’t have the staff needed to build crossovers at this time.
Can I swap out my speakers/drivers for yours?
Sure! If you enjoy the sound of pots and pans crashing down a stairwell, go for it! Seriously though if you need to start replacing drivers then you are far better off starting over.
How do you know your "upgrades" will improve my speakers?
We get this question a lot and we understand where it’s coming from. It’s like asking a baker if he knows his next cake is going to be as good as his last using the same flour he’s been using for the past twenty years. We have spent countless hours working with all these “ingredients” and know without reservation that they will indeed make an improvement. We know our “cake” is going be as good as our last because the “flour” we are using is better than our competitions. And we know how to bake… but thats the next question… 
All you do is make a flat line! Flat speakers are boring!
Yeah, sometimes you are right, flat speakers can be boring! Here is the deal, a linear response which is what we aim for is just one piece of the puzzle. Combined with our superior parts and crossover knowledge, we know how to make linear sound incredible. When you hear what we do, the last thing you will be thinking is how boring the speaker sounds, no doubt about it! Dont believe us? Just take a look at our customer reviews on the speaker pages. 
Can I buy just the schematic for your upgrade kits?

No. We do not sell the schematics on their own. We pick the parts to get you the best performance for your money, and some parts may be more of a lateral movement than an upgrade. There may cases where you’re getting more performance but not always going to be the case.

 If you need to save on international shipping costs, we can remove the No-Rez upon request to bring down the shipping costs, VAT or duty.

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