International subwoofer orders

Information avout 220-240V 50Hz compatibility:

The A370PEQ amp is switchable to 220-240 volts for countries using that power level. It just requires the flip of a switch and a fuse swap. (The fuse swap is done by Rythmik before shipping) However, the power cable that comes with it is for US style 110-120 volt wall sockets. So a change in power cable is required.

While the amp will work with 220-240V mains, we cannot guarantee that the amplifier will be completely silent, as the transformer is slightly undersized for 220-240V and may exhibit a slight hum. Some customers never have issues, but others might. 

Overseas customers having any issues with their amp will have to cover shipping costs both ways for service work, whether it is still under warranty or not. 

Shipping Delays

All amps being sent overseas require extra QA testing before being shipped to us.

Once the amplifier(s) arrives to us, we will ship out your whole order to help avoid any issues with customs or import duties.