ELAC Debut 2.0 C6.2 Center Speaker Upgrade Kit (Single)


The price of Sonicaps have just gone up and it caused a slight increase in the cost of this upgrade. This kit includes all new crossover parts, new wiring, a pair of tube connectors, and a sheet of No Rez. A few areas are tweaked, but not changed much from the factory design. All of these upgrades take this speaker to another level across the board. Please see the videos and measurements in the accordion below.

Upgrade Kit Measurements

Take a look at the before and after measurements. With the modification kit, there is no question that you will not only end up with a subjectively better sounding speaker, but the measurements back it up as well! 

Frequency Response Before

Horizontal Off Axis Before

Vertical Off Axis Before

Spectral Decay Before

Impedance Sweep Before

Frequency Response After

Horizontal Off Axis After

Vertical Off Axis After

Spectral Decay After

Impedance Sweep After