LGK 2.4 Tower Kit (pair)


The final step of the LGK 2.0 lineup, the LGK 2.4 towers complete the set, to be used as primary left/right speakers.

In addition to the primary drivers on the front, there is a 2nd LGK 2.0 woofer on the back used as an ambiance driver that gives the speaker a more open and spacious sound.

The LGK 2.4 kit includes your choice of a flatpack, assembled cabinets, or finished cabinets. (with your choice of veneer)
(A No-cabinet option is now also available starting at $599, with cabinet plans available in the tabs below.

65Hz to 18KHz

Height: 41.5″
Width: 6.5″
Depth: 9.5″

We are also offering them as fully-assembled speakers: 
Completed LGK 2.4 towers

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Assembly & placement Tips:
Due to the ambient driver on the back, we highly recommend keeping the speakers at least 1-2 feet off the front wall.

The LGK 2.4 will use 2 sheets of NoRez (not included) in the main woofer chamber. We also recommend using either a layer of polyfill or fiberglass along the back wall.
Leave 2" of free space between the NoRez and front baffle, especially behind the woofers.

Loose polyfill or fiberglass stuffing in the upper chambers is a must for both the front & rear facing LGK drivers. It will prevent issues with internal reflections which will hurt clarity if left empty.

Crossovers will need to be split into 4 small boards and placed onto the back wall for easy access.

Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in
Cabinet Options

Flatpack, Assembled $100, Finished $500, No Cabinets -$360

Connector upgrade

Binding post, Tube Connectors $55

Finished cabinet options

None (Flatpack/Assembled), Cherry, Mahogany, Maple, Oak, Walnut

Cabinet Plans


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