LGK 2.0 Woofer


The new LGK 2.0 3” woofer replaces our previous model which was a huge success. The driver features a paper cone and copper anodized aluminum phase plug. Not only do these drivers sound better than the previous generation but also even measure better.

Mounting Dimensions:

  • 2.85″ diameter through hole (3/8″ round-over on back side required)
  • Mounting screw distance: 3.25″ from one side to the other.
  • Mounting hole: 3.58″ diameter with 0.175″ Countersink
  • Outer frame: 3.56″ diameter
  • Mounting depth 1.875″
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​The LGK 2.0 is a wide band driver designed to handle a full range input signal. The frequency response is very smooth and the spectral decay is exceptionally clean. The vocal range is very clean and natural rivaling any driver. The highs are also very smooth with no harshness, ringing, or break up.
These little drivers can be used in a number of applications from small theater speakers, small two channel systems, and desktop monitors. The are ideal for nearfield listening or small rooms where high SPL levels are not needed. The high Q design also allows it to be used in open baffle applications as a mid-bass driver. The LGK 2.0 is also capable of hitting a -3db down point of 68Hz in a ported box design.

  • Natural paper cone with cloth surround
  • Solid Aluminum phase plug.
  • Copper shorting rings.
  • Stamped steel frame with gasket.
  • Front venting and cooling

Power handling for a full range signal is conservatively rated at 15 to 25 watts. If some of the lows are electronically or passively removed then they easily handle 30 to 50 watt power levels. If the low frequency ranges or more aggressively filtered then they will easily handle 100 watt peaks or greater if the signal is clean.

Frequency Response: (Infinite Baffle)


Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 6 in

Thiele/Small parameters

Fs 113 Hz
Re 5.538 ohms
Qms 7.269
Qes .688
Qts .628
L1 .159 mH
L2 .281 mH
Vas 1.017 liters
Mms 2.494 grams
Cms 794.375 M/Newtons
Bl 3.777
SPL 86.725 db
Sd: 30.78 sq. cm
Diameter: 62.61 mm
X-Max 1 mm
Max peak power full range: 30 watts.
Max peak power with first two octaves removed: 60 watts.



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